What Are Keywords ? And Which Tools Is Best To Find Best Keywords?

Keyword Reaserch

I’m sure there’s no need to waste time convincing you that keyword research is one of the highest interest in SEO activities vital for your marketing success.

But here’s an extraordinary observation: each of these guides will give you a slightly different set of guidelines.

Not that any of them is informing you wrong, it’s there’s no standard method for executing keyword research.

What is Keyword Research?

Keywords (called “SEO keywords“) are words or expressions that client types into a web search tool to discover specific data on the internet. The keyword is a passage that leads individuals to the natural indexed lists and, finally, to the site where they find their interest.

That is the reason behind finding the correct keywords is so significant in website improvement.

It encourages you to find the terms or words that individuals use when searching for the data so you can streamline your site to show the correct keywords.

List Of Some Free Websites For Finding Good Keywords :

Sufficient competitor research is often adequate to fill your spreadsheet with a ton of appropriate keyword ideas. But if you’re one of the leads in your niche, that tactic is not quite worthwhile for you. You have to be contemplating for some unique keywords that none of your rivals are targeting yet.

And the most reliable way to do it is by using a decent keyword research tool. Luckily, there’s no lack of them on the market:

If you want to find some suitable keywords on which you can rank your site, it can sometimes be quite pricy But, here I will tell you some fantastic websites that help find amazing keywords.

  • Google Trends : 
Google is the best search engine as compared to other search engines. Similarly, google trends are the best way to know about the trends about your niche, find suitable keywords to write articles about them, and rank on them with no time. It is the most up to date keywords checker because it is made by google himself.
  • Keyword Sheeter :
Just Like Google trends, keyword sheeter is also an excellent option for finding amazing keywords about your niche by only using google.
For details about how to use keywords sheeter, please keep visiting our website, we will soon share information regarding how to use keyword sheeter.
  • Uber Suggest :
Uber suggests it is Created by an SEO expert Neil Patel who is quite famous for providing SEO tips and tricks. Neil Patel made this keyword tool to help new people who just started learning SEO and are tight on budget, so that can also be a good option for you.
  • Google autocomplete :
Like, google trends google autocomplete can also help you find amazing long-tailed keywords because long-tail are easy to rank and get starting traffic for your new blog or website.
  • Keywordtool.io :
Keywordtool.io is just a fantastic keyword finder tool. It can help you find keywords for youtube videos as well as for your blog website. It also has a paid version available, but free can also work for some people.

I hope you will find all these keywords finders easy to use. If you face any problem, don’t forget to Contact Us about it.

How to Rank Keywords Easily:

After finding a keyword, the most challenging thing is to rank a keyword on top of the page. And for doing that, in my opinion, two things are quite essential.

  1. First of all, focus on a long-tail keyword with less competition.
  2. Don’t waste time on ranking the keyword where authority sites are ranking for years. If you have low DA ( Domain Authority) PA ( Page Authority)

What are Long Tailed Keywords:

If you want more in-depth look in it, you will understand what a long tail keyword exactly is

Example: you want to buy a phone Apple iPhone 11

If you search purchase Apple , it will show tons of websites without your required one

Now, if you search for purchase Apple iPhone 11, it will show fewer sites but according to your requirements.

Now suppose You are from India, and you search purchase Apple iPhone 11 in India. Now that’s a long-tail keyword, and you can easily rank it because it will have low competition.