What Is Blogging? And How To Start Your Personal Blog?


Blogging had first started as a way of having an online weblog, where a person would write about their day.

From "web log", the term came "blog."

There is much confusion among people about what makes blog over a website. The difficulty is that many businesses used to do both, combining them into a singular web presence. But there are two characteristic features of a blog that keeps apart from a traditional website.

Blogs are updated frequently. In blogs, new content has been updated frequently in a week. 

The website offers static, rarely changing information as Websites occasionally update with further details.

Blogs is provided for reader engagement. Blog readers have the privilege to comment and can have a communication with the blogger and others who read the blog. That's why it is rarely included in social media. In the past, websites were just had guest logs where people could say they'd visited. Still, a blog allows a user for conversation and more significant interaction than a traditional website does.

How to Start a Blog?

The good news that building a blog or combining a blog to your present site is relativity accessible and affordable.

  • Step One: Setting Up the Blog

There are some free blog options, such as Blogger and WordPress.com. But to keep control and professional image, go for a domain name and hosting. And Now install WordPress or other content management system on your host. Most web hosts offer this system.

  • Step Two: Add Content

Once your blog is up and working correctly,now you require to keep it active with new content to grow your business. Design a schedule for writing and posting blog articles. Plan a content calendar, so you will remember what you're working on post.

  • Step Three: Market

Like other business ideas, your breakthrough will come from marketing and assist you let your desired market know about your blog. The most reliable way to reach your market is by social media, email lists, and reaching out to other bloggers.

  • Step Four: Add Income Streams.

While blogging as an existing business, it's also an excellent way to add some additional income streams to your business. You can do advertisements from other companies' products and services in affiliate marketing. You can also offer to advertise or maintain ad networks, such as AdSense, on to your blog, which will help you to earn. If you are giving a service business, you're promoting with your blog, and then you can build your information outcomes to compliment it. Or, if you have a product, then you can offer a service.