Best PC Cleaner Software in 2021 ( Free and Paid)

PC cleaner software can delete unwanted files of your PC; it also cleans the program and cookies, browsing history, memory dumps, lock files, file fragments, system cache, and many other things. This program includes a registry cleaner to solve the problem by finding perfect locations such as missing references to application path, unused registration entries for file extension, and many other things.

Nowadays, there are many optimizers and PC cleaners are available to improve the PC’s performance. For you, a software development company has tested the most popular PC cleaner software that will help your PC to boost up with no hidden extras. In today’s time, the most popular PC cleaner is the LOLO system mechanic; this system contains a complete kit feature package. You can delete an unnecessary file without any hesitation. It also protects your PC privacy at the same time. The LOLO system mechanic is available in the market for the PC cleaner. There is much more software. You can find out about this software and other best software for the PC cleaner in the following steps.

7 Best Cleaner Software

Moreover, many of the software are available in the market, which has premium counterparts in that they can perform in a more advanced way and offer more additional tools. Here are the 6 popular PC cleaner software provided for you. 

  1. LOLO System Mechanic
  2. Restore
  3. IO Bit Advanced System Care 
  4. Piriform CC Cleaner 
  5. Ashampoo Win Optimizer
  6. Razer Cortex

LOLO System Mechanic

There are 3 main reasons to use this LOLO system mechanic one-click cleaner: scan types and precise detail analysis.

LOLO system mechanic removes an unwanted application, junk files, and unwanted auto-run settings. However, it clears different logs and RAM, cache, and browsing history; not these things are done by LOLO software. Still, it also eliminates traces of your browsing activities to protect your privacy. 

This PC optimization toolkit rarely differs when our software development company tested this software at that time, this drastic improvement has been seen, especially in the startup. The free edition of this software is good, but the other two premium system mechanics pro and system mechanics are too good. If you have to use this software in your daily life, you can buy this LOLO system mechanic, paid software.


The most important and foremost thing about Restore software is it gives fast and efficient scans, great essential and competitive prices. This Restore software does not have any prominent and unique features, but it provides essential and manage without adding unnecessary extras; this software can solve the problems by scanning and by taking the help of a robust system repair tool. All the Restore scans include malware detection unbuilt, so if any suspicious file can be identified immediately and you can decide whether you want to save or remove it from your PC.

If you have one or more unlimited used plans, you will benefit from the power of Restore real-time monitoring tools. These tools are used for keeping tabs on your PC, identifying security and potentially dangerous apps before any damage may cost. These all things are explanatory by Restore gives full money back to you means if you are not satisfied by using this software, then you can request and get your money back by this software. 

The negative thing about software is that it allows free versions, but this PC cleaner software will not permit using the tools.

IO Bit Advanced System Care

This IO bit advanced system care cleans customized interface and one-click auto cleanup this software comes in two ways one is free edition version that provides basic cleaning and second is the pro version that provides:

Real-time optimization.
Internet speed increment.
Privacy protection.

  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Deep registry cleaning, all functions are included in the Pro version and are also chargeable.

Whichever edition your software development company needs, IO bit advanced system care interface is well designed so it’s easy to use even new users can also use it. IO bit has reduced the installer points for those who need to install the additional program; these things are easy to avoid if your software development company chooses custom installation similar to other PC software and optimization; this software can also clean folders and files from your PC. 

Piriform CC Cleaner

Piriform cc cleaner gives free up disc space for PC and mobile, and it is easy to use. This Piriform cc cleaner has been there in the market for a long time and well known for the outgoing popularity that cleans the part of your PC compared to other free optimization tools. 

It also has a free version and paid version; paid version of this software allows an optimization tool kit that adds real-time protection and cleanup scheduling, but the accessible version of this software covers removing temporary files, removing unwanted cookies, getting rid of using the cache, and so on. If your PC is lacking, this PC cleaner software you must use firstly doesn’t have any other advanced features like system mechanic, but this Piriform cc cleaner makes your PC run faster if it is working slow. 

Ashampoo Win Optimizer

Ashampoo win optimizer permits quick scanning, a descriptive interface, and a comprehensive toolkit. You can immediately scan junk files, browser cookies, and broken registry entries; a single click can erase this.

Moreover, you can know deeper by selecting and clicking on the Details button of the review result that you have scanned one by one. Unlike other PC optimizers, they are not giving a review in detail. Still, this Ashampoo win optimizer will give you the full description of the issue, and it identifies what it is and why you should remove or modify this file after that decision is on you whether you have to remove it or not.

Win optimizer also includes many modules like routine maintenance tasks, optimizing startup processes, and hard drive.

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Razer Cortex

Razer cortex has access to free up RAM for games, frequently update things, and provide Fps stats. If you struggle while playing games, this Razer cortex has a unique feature to suspend the unnecessary system process and clean out memory to better you.

This software is paid and freely available, and in this software, you can find variations like jumping up and down, but you will not face problems while using it. It automatically finds unwanted things and improves for giving a better performance while playing the game.


Here is the blog where you will get the complete information about the latest PC cleaner software. With updating your PC and installing new games and software, there is a chance that many viruses can enter into your PC; this PC, as mentioned above, cleaner software can help you to clean your PC easily.

I have given the complete information about the best trendy PC cleaners. I hope this blog will help you to get knowledge about PC cleaners.

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