What is HTML ?

HTML is a markup language that is used to create web pages. It provides an easy way for developers to create websites and blogs without having to know how to code.

The Hypertext Markup Language, HTML, is the language of all web pages. It tells browsers how to interpret the text on a given page and what images and other elements may appear on it.

It was initially developed in the early 1990s by Tim Berners-Lee and his team at CERN as a way for scientists from all over the world to share information about their research on the internet without having to know each other's computing languages.

Frequently Asked Questions For HTML

What is HTML used for?

HTML is the language used to create websites. It is a programming language that allows web designers to create web pages.

Why do web designers use HTML?

Web designers use HTML to build their designs and layouts. They can also use it for creating documents, e-commerce stores, and more. They use HTML to make their content easy to read and understand.

What are the basics to know in HTML coding?

There are many things that you need to know about HTML coding. For example, you need to know that the element is the first element inside an HTML document, and it contains all of the information about the document.