What is an Iframe ?

An Iframe is an HTML element that enables the inclusion of content from another web page within a web page. The iframe code is the code that tells the browser to load and display content from another website inside the parent webpage.

The border, background, and scrolling behavior of the frame can be adjusted by using CSS. The scrolling behavior can be set to either vertical or horizontal scrolling.

Iframes are often used to present advertising but can also be used for other purposes, such as displaying content from one domain inside the frame of another domain.

Frequently Asked Questions For Iframe

What is an iframe?

An iframe is a web page loaded in another location on the same domain. For example, if you have an iframe containing a website, it will be loaded in your browser's address bar as the website.

Where is Iframe used?

An iframe can present information differently than it would typically appear. It can also display content from other sources, such as online databases, social media, or external websites.

What is the benefit of iframe?

The benefit of using iframe is that it can be embedded in any part of the page to be displayed anywhere. In addition, the frame can also display content in different sizes and orientations, making it easier to use across other devices and platforms.