What is JavaScript ?

JavaScript is a programming language that was created for web developers. It is an object-oriented, event-driven language that is lightweight and easy to use. It is a client-side programming language that runs in the browser. 

JavaScript can be used to create interactive effects on websites, like changing the color of an element when you hover over it or animating an image.

The best way to learn JavaScript is by using online tutorials and resources. There are many tutorials obtainable on YouTube and other websites and interactive coding platforms that allow you to practice your skills without installing anything on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions For Javascript

How does JavaScript work on HTML?

JavaScript is a powerful language that can perform almost any task. As a result, it is used for various things, including web pages, mobile apps, and even games.
When JavaScript is used in HTML, the browser does not understand it as an instruction to do something specific. Instead, it interprets the JavaScript code as a request for information from the server and responds accordingly.

What JavaScript is used for?

JavaScript is a language used to write web pages, and it is also a programming language. As a result, JavaScript can be found in almost any website and application.

What is the main drawback of Javascript?

The main drawback of JavaScript is that it does not have a standard interface, so other programming languages cannot easily use it. Moreover, there are a lot of different implementations of JavaScript which do not offer any standard features and can lead to extra work for developers when they need to integrate them into their projects.