What is Key Performance Indicator (KPI) ?

KPI is a metric that measures the performance of a business. It is used to track the progress of a business and to identify areas for improvement. It stands for Key Performance Indicator.

KPI marketing is an approach in which marketers set measurable goals and then work on achieving them.

There are many different types of KPIs. Some are more common and well-known than others. 

The most common KPIs include:

Revenue, Profit, Return on Investment, Net Operating Income, Market Share, and Margin Growth Rate.

Frequently Asked Questions For Key Performance Indicator

How do you measure keyword performance?

The answer to this question is very different for different companies. For example, you would use keyword tools like Google AdWords and Bing Ads for a digital agency. For a web design agency, you would use keyword optimization tools like SEMrush or Keyword Planner. They all have their own KPIs (Keyword Performance Indicators) that they use to measure the performance of their keywords.

How do you measure KPI?

A KPI should be measurable and reflect actual performance, giving an accurate picture of what has been achieved by the company over time.
The most common way to measure KPIs for organizations is through financial metrics such as revenue or profit. Still, there are also many other ways to measure KPIs, such as customer satisfaction or employee engagement.

How do you calculate keywords?

Keywords can be calculated as follows:
Find the Keyword Volume.
Find the Landing Page of that particular Keyword.
Calculate the Conversion Rate of that keyword
Calculate Keyword Value.