20 Best Safe ROM Sites To Download ROMs

Why you need Safe ROM Sites ? There is no denial in the fact that the current market is inundated with a wide variety of video games and the world of video gaming has also evolved a lot. What was started as a 1D platform of entertainment has now turned into the most advanced industry in terms of technology and entertainment.

The modern day games have become so advanced that now you can even play them in the virtual world through VR sets. But nothing can beat the feeling of those classic games that we used to play as a child and it doesn’t matter how advanced the gaming world becomes you cannot thwart a gaming enthusiast from returning back to the traditional games.

But the good news is that you don’t need to buy a new gaming set for playing those retro games as you have the option of playing all those games on your computer. Well, you might have started wondering how you can play all those retro games on your computers? You just need to download the respective ROMs of the games from safe rom sites and you can again have that nostalgic feeling.

This blog post is written to make you familiar with the top 20 safe rom sites from where you can easily download ROMs.

Top 20 Safe Rom Sites List:


Your hunt for ROM websites will end with Romsdownload.net.. The best thing about this website is it contains all types of game ROMs for iPhone, Android, and PC. You can even find all the popular rooms for the popular games on this website.


This is one of the biggest game collection websites that you can find and this is what makes this website worth your visit. From virtual boy roms to SNES ROMs, you will find all.

Old computer rooms

If you are looking forward to the safest website to download ROMs then you should use the old computer rooms website. This website is popular for being highly interactive and completely safe for downloading ROMs.


This website has been rated the safest place to download ROMs in 2021. It is the hub for a wide array of updated emulators and games. You can even check screenshots and ratings of the various games.


This is the biggest website for downloading ROMs and you can easily view the top trending games and the best 100 games downloaded by users. You can even find bios for all your emulators.


This is another popular and safe rom sites used by gaming fiends for downloading ROMs without worrying about the safety issues. You should know that it is also one of the oldest websites used by gamers for downloading ROMs and this is why you can trust it.

Vimm’s Lair

This website has been running since 1997 and from that time, it has been used to download ROMs for games. You can easily download some of the best rooms in just a couple of seconds and you can trust this website since it is completely safe.

The Eye

It is a type of archival site and it is popular for hosting a wide array of content from various websites including different types of ROMs as well. This site is so gigantic that it has more than 3.1 TB of ROMs.


This goes into the list of one of the best ROM websites in 2021. On this website, you can easily find the original artwork of all the games along with high-quality screenshots of all the games. This is what makes this website unique.

ROMs World

As the name suggests, this website is the hub of ROMs and it has been used for downloading a wide variety of rooms by gaming fanatics for a very long span of time. The main focus of this website is to spread the love for gamers.


The best thing about this ROM website is it offers a direct download link for downloading games without the .exe file. This is what makes this website safe since, without .exe files, the chances of viruses entering your system will be reduced.


Another popular website used for downloading ROMs in DopeROMs. While using this website, you can get access to reinforcement on both your phone and computer. With this website, you can play almost all the games.


This website is surely a paradise for gamers since it offers a long list of emulators, games, and ROMs. But in addition to this, it even offers movies, music, and gaming guides. This is the main reason why everybody loves this website.


In order to use this website, you first need to sign up and don’t consider this as a herculean task as the access to ROMs that you will get after signing up will be endless. You will even get 10,000 points after signing up.

Emulator Zone

If you are PlayStation and Nintendo fanatic but not able to find ROMs for these platforms then your search will end with Emulator Zone. This is the best website for downloading almost all the Nintendo and PlayStation games.


If you have an old computer and are still looking forward to playing retro games then the best website for you will be WoWroms. All the old computers will run smoothly on the ROMs if you will download them from WoWorms.


This is a highly rated website for downloading all the ROMs that you can think of. But instead of hosting the ROMs on the website, this platform offers you the link of the ROMs since it is more of a blogging website. But still, you will get a huge collection of ROMs on this website.


In addition to finding the best ROMs, you can even get a lot of information about upcoming games on this website. In addition to offering ROMs, this website even offers screenshots of various games so that you can analyze the graphic and only then download the game.

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This website is known for being a massive database of different ROMs and emulators. It is true that it is a new kid on the block when compared to all the websites included in this list but this doesn’t mean it will disappoint you while searching for the rarest ROMs and emulators.

Royal ROMs

This is another popular and safe rom sites for downloading ROMs in just a couple of minutes. If you visit the main page then you will get a list of the top trending games and you will even get the list of the most downloaded ROMs. This is what makes this website much more unique and useful.

End Words

websites listed in this blog post are highly safe and therefore, you can use them for downloading different types of games and emulators. It doesn’t matter how rare the game is or how old the game is, there are maximum chances that you will find the games on at least one of the safe rom sites listed on this platform. So, end your search for the ROMs of the game on this website and go back to that old era with those old games.

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