12 Best Free Sound Boosters For Windows

Here we discuss Best Free Sound Boosters For Windows. Whether you are planning to watch a movie with your friends and family members or you are going to enjoy music on your laptop, the one thing that you will need is boosted sound. Well, laptops and computers are no more limited to office work only as they are used for various types of recreational activities and this is why the expectation of people when it comes to their computer keeps on increasing with time.

Well, there is nothing with the expectation of people increasing with time but you must look for the optimal solution rather than just using the simple and not so effective method.

Well, now in 2021, most people are locked up in their houses, and different devices like computers and laptops turn out to be their only source of entertainment and hope. If you are enjoying your laptop or computer at home, you must be looking forward to boosting the sound. For doing so, most people cannot stop connecting new speakers. But in order to enjoy music, you must be installing a sound booster on your laptop on Windows 10.

Well, you will have to accept the fact that the parts used to make a laptop are much smaller in comparison to desktops and therefore, the output in the case of a laptop can be comparatively low.

But the audio mixer that comes along with the laptop doesn’t always produce optimum sound as per the expectation of most people. If you want to know the difference then you can simply install the VLC player. But you should know that, if you are looking forward to increasing the sound of your laptop with Windows 10 then you have come to the right place.

A list of the best and free Sound boosters for Windows

Equalizer APO

If you are not ready to spend even a single penny on a volume booster but still want the best result then you can go with the free sound booster the very popular equalizer APO. One of the best things about this volume booster is it’s user-friendly and at the same time, it looks highly stylish as well. There are many features in this volume boost that will allow you to streamline the overall sound of your PC.

DFX Audio Enhancer

This volume boost is another popular choice among all those people who are looking forward to using an easy to use volume booster on their PC. There are many features in this free sound booster volume booster that will allow you to customize the sound of your PC as per your taste. By installing this volume booster, you can enjoy a volume of more than 100% on your PC and thus you may not need extra speakers.


The one reason why we have included this popular volume booster on our list is it supports low-resolution output. It doesn’t matter which type of output method you are using or which type of output method is being used in the PC, the FXSound software will be compatible with all. With this software, you can even connect your PC to a jukebox and enjoy the sound without any hassle.

VLC Media Player

No one in the whole world using a PC has ever heard about VLC Media Player. You should know that VLC has almost become a synonym for its services and it doesn’t matter how many sound boosters we include in this list, VLC is always going to top the chart when it comes to popularity of free sound boosters. This sound booster can increase the sound of your PC by up to 200% and it is very easy to use as well.

GOM Media Player

This is another free media player used in Windows on PC and it can act as one of the best sound boosters that you have ever used in your entire life. You can play both audio and video of a wide array of formats and then you can easily boost the volume of those audios and videos. Along with this software, you will get many different types of advanced settings.

Clementine Music Player

This is one of the most popular media players used by a vast majority of PC users on their Windows. But along with acting as an easy to use media player, this software solution also has the ability to boost the sound of PC as well. Although there are many tools in this media player, if you are looking forward to boosting sound then you will have to use pre-amplification.


If you are looking for a sound booster for Windows then your search is going to end with Viper4Windows. This is all you need for boosting the sound of your PC and that too without causing any type of latency. Because of the ease of use, most of the PC users succumb to this sound booster without any second thoughts. With this free sound booster software, you can change the audio density, bandwidth and many other aspects of the sound.

Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Many people who are looking for a sound booster for Windows finally settle with this advanced software solution. As the name suggests, this software solution is used to boost the sound without causing any damage to the internal speakers of the PC. So, we can say that using this software solution for boosting the sound of your PC is safe.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer

It is because of the smooth and easy interface why this sound booster has been included in this list. You don’t even have to deal with distorted sound while using this advanced sound booster software on your PC since this software solution comes with peak limiters. You can easily correct the volume and enjoy a better sound experience with this software solution.

Ultra Player

This is a compact media player that also acts as one of the most powerful yet easy to use sound boosters. It doesn’t matter whether you have worked on a media player before or not, if you will start using Ultra Player then you will not have to worry about anything as it can easily serve the purpose of boosting the sound without any hassle.


The level of editing when it comes to audio, offered by this software solution will surely surpass your expectations. This audio booster is the best solution if you are looking for a volume booster for Windows. It comes with a unique feature that allows you to explore different layerings so that you can refine the sound and get expected results while enjoying the boosted sound.

Ear Trumpet

Along with a unique name, this volume booster software solution comes with unique features as well. You don’t need to garner different features from different media players and sound boosters once you start using Ear trumpet as your primary sound booster software solution. It will surely widen the functions available in your PC sound mixer.

This is the best list of free sound boosters on the internet since every sound booster included in this list is highly effective and easy to use as well.

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