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Daily Page Impressions

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Daily Page Impressions

Page impression plays a massive part in media planning and advertisements in the online market. The number of daily page impressions is calculated each time an advertisement is presented on a search outcome page or on any certain website. Therefore, page impressions are essential in terms of valuing display ads in the shape of CPM(cost per mille).

CTR in Percentage

A CTR (click-through rate) is the number you get when you divide the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions: (clicks)/(impression)=CTR. A high click-through rate helps for a high-grade score, and a high-grade score helps in keeping up or enhancing an ad position for a lower cost.

Cost Per Click

Publishers receive payment from advertisers based on CPC (cost per click), which means that each time an advertisement is clicked on the publishers’ website, they receive a payment. The advertisers can set the maximum value of the bids, which means that’s the maximum amount of charge they are willing to make on every click.

How to Calculate AdSense

In order to calculate the AdSense value, enter the daily impression value, then second, enter the CTR in %, and third, enter the CPC value. When these three different values are entered, the results will appear, which include earnings and clicks data on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

To calculate the AdSense, you need to apply the formula cost per click(CPC) x click-through rate(CTR) X page impression(PI)/100. By this formula, AdSense revenue can be calculated.