What is Facebook Live ?

Facebook Live is a new feature that Facebook introduced in 2016. It allows users to broadcast live videos on their Facebook profiles. Users can also send a notification to their followers when they go live.

Facebook Live has the potential to change the way we communicate with each other, and it is a big step for Facebook toward becoming the primary source of news for many people.

There are two ways to broadcast a live video on Facebook:

- The first one is by going live from the mobile app, while the second is by typing “live stream” on your News Feed.


How do I get Facebook Live?

Ans: Facebook Live is a live video stream of an event. It is a new way to interact and connect with your audience. There are plenty of things you can do with it. You can ask questions, take photos, and even make videos.

How does Facebook Live work?

Ans: The implementation of Facebook Live is really interesting. It allows users to interact with their friends and family from their own homes. The idea behind the platform is that it will allow you to see your friends and family in a different way than you normally would, through video feeds which are much more real than photos or even still images.

Can I watch Facebook Live without an account?

Ans: If you want to watch a Facebook live without an account, you have to sign up for an account. If you don't have an account, you can watch a live stream on Facebook, but it will be recorded and will not be available to anyone else in the world.

How do I watch a live event on facebook live?

Ans: A live event is a live broadcast of an event that happens in real-time. It is usually done by the official broadcaster and not a third party. The broadcaster uses live streaming to deliver their content to their audience while the audience watches it on their own devices.