What are Long Tail Keywords ?

Long-tail keywords are a way to target specific phrases rather than just broad keywords.

The long-tail keyword strategy is based on the idea that you’ll rank higher in search engines with more specific keywords. 

The long-tail keywords can be more specific, meaning they will have a lower search volume. However, they also have a higher conversion rate, making them worth targeting.

This technique is often used by companies looking to increase their visibility in search engines without paying for ads.

Long Tail Keywords are phrases or words that are less popular than the more popular keywords. They usually consist of 3-4 comments and can be very niche-specific.

Frequently Asked Questions For Long Tail Keyword

What is considered a long tail keyword?

Long-tail keywords have a high search volume but not much competition. They are also called "organic" keywords because they are generated by users who don't need to be advertised or promoted.

How do you choose a long tail keyword?

You can use a keyword planner tool like Keyword Planner to find long-tail keywords for your business or niche. Then you need to choose the right keyword that is most relevant for your business or place and then use it as the keyword in your content creation process.

What is an example of a long tail keyword?

The long-tail keyword is a keyword that is not in the top 10 most searched keywords. For example, if you are looking to find content on "how to get a job as an IT consultant," you can use the keyword "how do I get a job as an IT consultant."