What is User Experience (UX) ? 

User experience is the collective perceptions and reactions of users when interacting with a service, website, or product.

User Experience directs to how a user interacts with a product or service. UX is often seen as the sum of all elements in a product or service, such as usability, usability testing, interface design, and user experience design.

UX has been around for decades and has been used to improve website performance. Nowadays, it is used to improve customer experience and increase customer retention rates by improving the overall quality of an app or website.

Frequently Asked Questions For User Experience

What is considered user experience?

User experience is the sum of all emotional and cognitive responses a person has towards a product or service. It is also an essential factor in determining whether a user will use or return a product or service.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

The user interface (UI) design is creating a graphical interface to provide users with an efficient and effective way of interacting with a product or service. User experience (UX) design is the process of designing products and services to provide users with an enjoyable and satisfying experience. The main goal behind both these designs is to make sure that users can perform tasks efficiently and intuitively without any interruptions or distractions from the interface.

What is an example of user experience?

User experience is a subjective term that is hard to define. However, it can be defined as the feelings and emotions from interacting with a product.
Some examples of user experience include:
- The feeling when you first see your new iPhone in the store
- The feeling of joy when you discover your favorite song on Spotify
- The feeling of awe when watching an amazing video on YouTube