What is User Interface (UI) ? 

The UI is a system of interacting with a computer or device, typically graphical. It can be considered the visual part of the OS or the interface between the user and their computer.

The UI consists of three main parts - navigation, widgets, and user interface elements. These are all the parts that make up your computer's GUI.

The use of UI has evolved, and there are now many different types of UI and different types of software that use them. For example, some software programs may use a GUI, while others may use an application programming interface (API).

Frequently Asked Questions For User Interface

What is the difference between UI and UX?

The user interface (UI) design is creating a graphical interface to provide users with an efficient and effective way of interacting with a product or service. User experience (UX) design is the process of designing products and services to provide users with an enjoyable and satisfying experience. The main goal behind both these designs is to make sure that users can perform tasks efficiently and intuitively without any interruptions or distractions from the interface.

What is an example of a user interface?

An interface is how people interact with a machine or software. It is a system of interacting with the device or software. There are many types of user interfaces designed to provide specific functions to users.
An example of a user interface can be any device used by humans to interact with machines. An ATM is a good example, where users use their cards and enter their PINs to access funds from their accounts.

What are the different types of user interface?

The most common types of the user interface include graphical user interfaces (GUI), command-line interfaces (CLI), and text-based interfaces.
Graphical User Interface: A GUI is an interface that uses visual elements such as icons, windows, and buttons to present information. It is also a point-and-click interface because it uses mouse clicks and other input devices like touch screens or trackpads instead of keyboard shortcuts.
Command Line Interface: CLI is an interface that uses text commands to perform tasks on a computer system.