Content Marketing Strategies - Four Tips on How to Use to Engage Your Customers

One of the key things you need to run your business is letting more people know about it. 

You may have amazing products or quality customer service, but poor marketing skills can lead to discouraging your potential clients from getting the best experience your brand might give them.

Promoting your business can seem overwhelming, since usually, the first impressions matter the most. By making a good, elaborated marketing plan, you will feel more confident with displaying your brand to the world. In addition, you will understand what content you need to put out there to attract customers.

Creating and developing your online strategy can take a lot of time and effort. If your business is located in Chicago, hiring a web development company in Chicago would be a good start, since they offer guidance and a team of experts who create quality content marketing ideas.

Content marketing strategies involve planning and organizing information about your brand that you share with your customers. 

A content marketing strategy is about attracting and keeping the customers. Think about these goals before you set off.

You might already have an idea about what your content should look like. Some details might seem obvious to you, but it is always good to make sure you follow the latest trends in marketing. 

So, before you begin drafting your content marketing strategy here are four tips on what you need to think about.

Four Tips for Content Marketing Strategies: 

Stay Consistent with your Content

These include various things like the color scheme of your website and advertisements, tone of voice when you speak to your customers, how you distribute your content (e.g., which social media channel you use) and the overall aim of your business (i.e., what customer needs your brand can fulfill).

Once you decide how you want to be seen by the public, you need to stick to it. 

If you change your brand’s persona over time, your customers might get puzzle by the messages you are trying to send them. When it comes to buying and investing, people don’t like surprises.

Keeping a regular schedule for posting your content will build a high reputation among your readers. Ultimately it will help your clients connect to you more easily and, most importantly – make them come back to you to seek more information.

If you have a team with various designers and writers, make sure you give them clear guidelines on producing the content you need. Let your writers know the tone you want in your texts and your designers what colors you want them to use in their designs.

Make a plan on how often you will post. Plan what content to post and when so you keep trending on different platforms. 

Posting consistently will also help you keep track of the best media sources you use. The good thing is many social media have publishing schedules to help you stay on track.

Research your Target Audience

You need to make your target audience need what you can offer them. You engage your customers when you provide them with a solution to their problem or educate them about something using your content. You want your clients to be invested in your business in all possible ways.  

Be careful – the audience doesn’t necessarily mean buyers. Some people may come across your content, maybe even like your brand, but in the end, decide not to buy your product because they don’t need it at that time. Your goal is to turn the audience into your loyal customers.

Luckily the Internet has everything, so you could check some online forums and discussions on different websites (e.g., Reddit) or some social media like Facebook. 

Users post a topic on the website and start discussions on various topics, experiences, opinions, etc. Use these websites to do your research. The other way you could learn more about your target audience is by conducting a survey. Additionally, understanding the dynamics of the upvote market on platforms like Reddit can significantly enhance your ability to reach and engage your target audience more effectively.

Make a list of the most important questions, but phrase them so that you can get as much information from your audience as you can. Then, take the results and look at what answers pop up the most.

Use Different Ways to Promote your Brand

You also want to use different formats for your content. If you focus on one type of media, you are very likely to lose potential customers. This shouldn’t be a problem since you can use the same information, and you just adapt it to the media you want for the promotion.

When thinking about the ways you can promote your brand, think about the user-generated content. You also need to form a content marketing strategy based on your audience’s preferences. 

UGC uses customers’ engagement through various social media, but it can also help you engage with customers through emails and using live chat on your webpage.

Some people are more into visual learning and prefer reading blogs, while others enjoy listening to podcasts while doing something else. Adapt to different types of media to get your message across.

Podcasts became really popular in the past couple of years since you don’t have to focus all of your attention on them, but also do something else in the meantime. They are usually long and detailed, with different guests who share their knowledge and experiences your customers get to learn from.

Videos are a great option as they combine the best of both worlds. 

For example, you could talk about how you started your business and the history behind it. You could also post a video with your customers talking about how you helped them achieve their goals.

Use bold and eye-catching titles that will reflect your brand’s message. They should be specific and recognizable to your brand, and also, if you write blogs, make sure you give them a hint about the text to engage the reader. You can apply this to your videos, blogs, podcasts and other media sources.

You can combine both the text and the illustrations to get your message across. 

Infographics are a great tool in displaying a visual representation of your business. They are easy to read because they don’t have a lot of text, but they rely on appealing graphic design and illustrations to convey the information.

Last but not least, social media plays a huge role in your content marketing strategy. Use them to post links to your other media sources. Depending on the social media network you use, you can also post videos and infographics to engage your potential customers.

You can also generate a dynamic QR code for surveys or use it to track, analyze, and retarget your customers. All you need is a dynamic QR code generator.

Keep your Customers Engaged

Your customers will be engaged if you provide the value they need. That value doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical object – it can also be taking into account their emotions, wishes and preferences. It all comes down to how useful you are to your customers and how much they can learn from you.

Your brand must be customer-centric. Some businesses think their delivery is tip notch while the customers wouldn’t agree. 

To avoid this mistake like many others before you is to put yourself into your customers’ mindset and be almost empathetic towards your customers.

Customer-centric means you are focused on your customers’ needs by constantly taking their problems into account and establishing a positive relationship with them. To provide excellent customer support, consider using cloud call center software which will also help keep the data in a safe spot.

It is not just about being empathetic to your clients. Once you get to know them, you should adjust your products and services to fit your best clients. You can use a Customer Lifetime Value indicator to estimate what customers will give you the best profit over the course of time.

Here’s what you need to think about when determining the Customer Lifetime Value:

  • How recent their latest purchase was
  • How frequently they purchase your products
  • Your customers’ return rate

The majority of your clients are the ones who have other options and are not fully committed to your brand. 

Sometimes you will want to focus on that 10% percent of clients just because there are your “best” clients. They are the ones to give you consistent, high-valued profit and stay loyal to your brand.

To effectively manage and cater to the needs of these valuable customers, you can leverage a workforce management platform. Such a platform can help you streamline your operations, optimize resources, and create efficient schedules for your team to ensure that you provide excellent service and maintain customer loyalty.

Besides customer-centricity, you also want to stay relevant. So your business and your products should suit your customers’ needs. 

Tracking your website’s traffic across various social media and following the latest trends on the market should let you know in which direction you should take your business.

This will also depend on what your business is about. If your brand, for example, sells makeup, design a content marketing strategy that entices models, young age women and girls. You can post a video about a makeup tutorial that informs the watcher about the latest trends. You won’t talk about hairstyles or clothes since it is not strictly related to your business.

Being relevant will boost your SEO, so your brand will be a top result for whatever the client searches online. So build a content marketing strategy that builds a community, grow advocates of your brand and also help your customers to get information about your products and services.

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