A Guide to Customer Acquisition Strategies for Your SaaS Business

Acquiring the first few paid customers is a challenge many startup businesses face in their initial years. As competition increases, having effective customer acquisition strategies becomes essential so that you can turn potential customers into loyal users of your service.

A customer acquisition strategy is a plan that determines the different methods through which you’ll attract customers to your business. This involves developing a great customer experience to turn users into brand champions who will then advertise the product to others. If you’re a startup SaaS business looking for new customers, this guide will help you optimize your customer acquisition efforts to help you create a well-established company. 

Best Customer Acquisition Strategies For Business Owners 

Generate Organic and Paid Traffic 

If you plan to use content marketing, the most important step is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO means improving your website’s visibility in search engine result pages (SERP) like Google or Bing. The better your website’s visibility, the more likely it will be found and clicked on, attracting visitors who will eventually become customers. 

Consequently, you can generate organic traffic for your website by including relevant keywords and content to increase your ranking in SERPs instead of using ads and other paid methods. Many SaaS businesses enlist the help of a SaaS SEO agency to improve web traffic and website growth.

Another way to bring in customers is through paid promotions using Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM promotes your business using pay-per-click (PPC) ads that appear on SERPs, allowing you to generate paid traffic by targeting your audience directly in their online activities. If you need additional marketing expertise, you can also consider hiring a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to provide strategic guidance and support.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs allow influencers, bloggers, and other product users to promote a product to their audience. This gives you instant access to a vast audience, and, in return, the product user earns a commission for each conversion. The simplest example of affiliate marketing is Amazon. By creating an Amazon Associates account, you can get an affiliate link and send it to your audience. You then earn a commission when someone clicks the link and buys the product. 

Affiliate programs are cost-effective since you only pay for customers who sign up to make a purchase, not for potential customers. Many businesses build an affiliate program using affiliate program software, which manages all affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Optimize Outreach Efforts

While outbound marketing involves actively reaching out to customers via display ads, inbound marketing involves creating meaningful content to attract customers. 

Content marketing is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies. This includes creating various types of content, such as articles or videos, to bring customers to your website. You can create your blog on topics specific to your niche or reach out to other websites for guest posting. Guest posting, or guest blogging, means publishing an article on another website with the same niche as yours to reach a larger audience. 

Optimize Your Pricing Page

A pricing page is a specific landing page listing different pricing plans and features available for your service. The way pricing packages are listed on your website and how accurately they respond to customer needs directly impacts the likelihood of a customer making a purchase. 

Your pricing page should make it easy for customers to compare different packages and choose the best option. Using various techniques like anchoring, framing, or bundling will influence customer behavior in your favor. For example, in tiered pricing, you can use a higher-priced tier as an anchor to make lower-priced tiers more attractive to customers. You can also mention the benefits of each tier compared to another.

Additionally, you should build trust and credibility with the customer by showcasing your website’s reviews, ratings, or certifications. This shows that other people have used your services and liked them. Offering refunds and free trials will also help in reducing any uncertainty the customer may have.


Acquiring customers may seem challenging if you are in the initial stages of your SaaS business. By engaging your target customers, creating a valuable customer experience, and employing effective customer acquisition strategies, you can drive sustainable growth and build a loyal customer base for your SaaS business. 

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