Does Target Take Apple Pay | How To Use It At Target?

Target, a popular retail chain in the United States, has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 1960. With a vast network of over 1,900 stores and a large workforce of more than 350,000 employees worldwide, Target has become a prominent presence in the retail industry.

To address concerns regarding data breaches, mobile wallet solutions like Apple Pay offer added security. Apple Pay’s secure system does not share credit or debit numbers or personal identity information with merchants. This approach makes it difficult for fraudsters to hack into merchant databases and gain access to sensitive data. Apple Pay encrypts all transmitted data, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Fortunately, Target recognizes the benefits of Apple Pay and accepts it as a form of payment. Customers can conveniently use Apple Pay at Target stores, enhancing their payment experience and providing an additional layer of security.

Can You Pay at Target With Your Phone?

At all Target stores, you can utilize various contactless payment methods, not limited to Apple Pay alone. Target supports all major mobile wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Moreover, the company gladly accepts a wide range of other contactless payment options, such as credit and debit cards featuring the contactless pay symbol and wearable devices like the Apple Watch and Fitbit Pay.

When using digital payment alternatives like Apple Pay, it is important to note that Target clarifies on its contact page that the last four digits of your payment method displayed on the receipt may appear different. This discrepancy occurs because the app tokenizes your payment details, ensuring that the merchant never receives your credit card number. This security measure is just one way Apple Pay safeguards your information.

Do you know? dose target take apple pay? Apple Pay is one of the most used methods to purchase products and services. It is used by more than 383 million people every month around the globe. Target has approximately 2,000 locations in the United States. It’s, therefore, only natural that Target customers want Apple Pay for their Target shopping. But is Target accepting Apple Pay?

Does Target Take Apple Pay ? 

Yes. Target accepts all modern digital contactless payments. Apple Pay is also accepted by Target as a valid payment method with Invoice template and software. Modern retailers like Starbucks are constantly trying to keep up with technology. They want their customers to be comfortable while shopping. Target is one of the largest retailers in the country, and you’ll find modern payment options there.

These digital payment options are accepted by Target in stores and via the Target app. You will need the RFID symbol at the checkout reader to find Target stores. This symbol indicates that you accept contactless payments. You can also use the app to accept contactless payments without any problems quickly.

Target: How to Use Apple Pay

Target makes it easier for customers by offering more options for them to pay easily. Customers who have enabled digital payments via their smartphone or wearable device will be able to finish their purchase by simply holding their device close to the payment terminal. Touch your contactless card to pay by touching it on the reader’s screen.

Here’s how it can be done:

1. Configure Apple Pay

Configure Apple Pay

  • First, ensure that Apple Pay is correctly configured on your iPhone/Apple Watch device.
  • You will need to link a debit/credit card to your Apple Pay digital wallet.
  • Tap the “+” icon to add a debit card or credit card to your online account. This symbol can be found in the upper right corner of your wallet app.

2. Add Card Details

Add Card Details

  • You can then take a picture of the card or manually enter your card information. After your card is attached to your wallet, you can use it in Target stores and through the app.

3. Double click for your wallet

Double Click for Your Wallet

  • Double-click the button at the right edge of your smartphone. This button is also used to turn on or off your smartphone’s screen.
  • If everything is correct, your Apple Wallet will open immediately. The Apple Wallet will show you a photo of the credit or debit card that you have saved to your account.

4. Use the Payment Terminal

Use the Payment Terminal

  • You will then need to pay for your purchases with Apple Pay using the card reader (payment terminal). Your phone must be held above the terminal, with your wallet within a few inches.
  • Now, make your payment immediately. That’s it.

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Are you able to use contactless payments at a Target Self-Checkout

Target offers Apple Pay as a contactless payments solution. Apple Pay is easy to use at Target’s self-checkout registers.

  • Before you can use Apple Pay at self-checkout, you must first scan your products. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of payment options when it comes time for you to pay. Select “Wallet”
  • After you have completed the self-checkout, look at the card reader display next to the main display. The RFID icon should be visible alongside the term “Tap” Mobile payments are now possible.
  • Your iPhone or Apple Watch should be held up to the screen. Select the wireless payment method. Wait for the thank-you message or ding to appear. Pay attention to the instructions displayed on your device’s screen. You’re good to go!

Apple Pay can be used on the Target Website or Application

Apple Pay can be used to purchase anything at Target’s online shop. However, you must access Target’s website with an Apple device and the Safari Browser.

This digital payment method can be used when you use the Target app on your smartphone to purchase a product. You can choose to use Apple Pay by selecting the Apple Pay option after you complete your purchase.

Is it possible to use Target RedCard and Apple Pay together?

RedCard and Apple Pay are not compatible. Unfortunately, Target RedCard can’t be added to your digital wallet. RedCard does not support Apple Pay or other mobile payments. It can still be used with Target’s app wallet.

Target customers have full access to the Wallet function on the Target mobile app. It makes it easy to shop at Target stores. It includes the Target RedCard and Target Circle earnings and discount, Target gift cards, and other Target programs.

To finish your payments at Target, you will be given a barcode. This barcode can be used to check out at Target on your own, or with a cashier. You can also switch your Target Circle profits on and off if you want to save them for later.

Target Wallet doesn’t allow you to add third-party purchase options, such as Apple Pay and debit or card. Target Wallet can only be used for physical check-outs and not online purchases.

Is It Safe To Use Apple Pay at Target Stores?

Indeed, it is true that retail stores can be vulnerable to data breaches, which can put customers’ financial information at risk. However, Apple Pay offers a solution to address this concern. Here are the key security features of Apple Pay:

  1. Limited information sharing: Similar to other established mobile wallets, Apple Pay, does not disclose your debit card, credit account, or identity information to merchants. This ensures that fraudsters cannot obtain your data from merchant databases.
  2. Data encryption: Apple Pay employs robust encryption techniques to safeguard all your payment and personal information. This means that even if fraudsters attempt to use scanners, they cannot steal your data covertly.
  3. Device and account protection: Taking additional precautions to protect your iPhone and Apple ID is crucial. Avoid granting access to your device or sharing your phone password with anyone. Furthermore, refrain from sharing any codes you receive via text messages with others.

By adhering to these security measures, you can enhance the overall protection of your financial information when using Apple Pay.

At Target, is it possible to use multiple payment methods?

Yes. You can combine two or more payment methods for a single purchase if you have gift cards or merchant coupons and want to use Apple Pay.

What Advantages Does Using Apple Pay Offer?

The dominance of Apple Pay in the contactless payment space can be attributed to several factors.

Simple Contactless Payment Technique

Because customers don’t need to bring their debit and credit cards to the store, using Apple Pay is simple and practical.

Even Target’s self-checkout accepts Apple Pay.

While shopping, you must place a compatible iPhone (or Apple Watch) near an NFC scanner and use Touch ID to finish the transaction. That’s how simple and fast it is.

Use Offline

Even when your smartphone is in airplane mode, you may use Apple Pay on a compatible phone without an Internet connection.

No additional or secret costs for clients

Apple partners with major banks and credit card issuers to provide customers with a pleasant experience and free transactions. There are no additional fees or hidden costs associated with using this service.

However, a small portion of each purchase is deducted from the service, which the retailers cover.

Contactless Digital Wallet that is Secure

Apple Pay offers remarkable security and theft prevention. Without supplying your security credentials, no one can use your mobile device to make a payment.

At Target, using the Apple Pay app is more secure than bringing cash and credit or debit cards, both vulnerable to theft.

Using Apple Pay reduces the danger of a data breach because you don’t need to carry your physical credit or debit card.

In place of your card number, this payment service employs a device account number token to complete the transaction.


Most significant retailers now accept Apple Pay, one of the most well-liked contactless payment options.


Apple substitutes a device account number for your credit and debit card information to safeguard your data from criminals. The service does not also track your purchases and other information.

Able to work with the Apple Watch

You don’t need to bring your phone while using Apple Pay to make transactions. Simply bring your Apple Watch to your neighborhood Target.

Follow these three simple steps next:

  • To open your default card, double-click the side button on your Apple Watch.
  • If you need to select another card, scroll down.
  • Until you hear a beep, hold your Apple Watch’s display close to the contactless scanner.

What Other Methods of Payment Does Target Accept?

Target provides customers with a diverse array of payment options when making purchases in its stores. These include:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit cards
  3. Debit cards
  4. Target store cards
  5. Gift cards
  6. Target app payments
  7. Mobile wallets
  8. Target temporary slips
  9. Gift certificates
  10. Merchant vouchers
  11. Personal checks
  12. Rebate checks
  13. WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Program)
  14. AliPay (available in approved stores only)
  15. Campus Cash (available in approved stores only)

When shopping online at Target, you have the added convenience of making payments using third-party installment plans. These plans include popular options such as Affirm, Sezzle, Afterpay, and more.

The bottom line

Target introduced the simple and quick payment method in 2017. Target customers can now use Apple Pay in-store or via the Target app. This digital payment method can be used even if the Target app is not installed.

Target now accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay, as well as MasterCard cards. Contactless digital payments are also accepted by Target. You don’t need to be panicked if you are new to Apple Pay at Target.

It is easy and straightforward to pay at Target using this digital payment method. Target workers will be there to assist you if you have any questions. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Apple Pay with a Target RedCard?

No. Target Red cards, often known as Target credit cards, still need to be added by customers to their Apple Wallet.

Does Apple Pay work with all iPhone models?

No. Every iPhone or Apple device does not support this payment option. Except for the iPhone 5s, all Touch ID and Face ID-equipped models can utilize this mobile wallet.

Is Apple Pay Accepted at Walmart?

No. Apple Pay, a near-field communication (NFC) contactless payment system, is not accepted by Walmart. The large retail chain rejects this technology.

Do they accept Apple Pay at Dollar General?

No. Despite having its payment app, DG GO!, which is shockingly not accepted at certain locations, Dollar General does not accept any digital wallets.

Will I receive Target Circle earnings or rewards when I use Apple Pay?

Yes. You will still earn rewards points even when you make a purchase using your Apple Wallet. After all, your Target account, not the payment method you’re using, is linked to these earnings.

Is Apple Pay more secure than a physical card?

Yes. Because Apple Pay does not divulge your name or credit card information to retailers, it is safer to use it than a physical credit or debit card when purchasing online or in person.

What other mobile payments does Target accept?

Yes. Target also accepts other well-known mobile payment systems, including Google Pay and Samsung Pay, in addition to Apple Pay.

When using Apple Pay at Target, are there restrictions?

  • No. You can spend as much as you want at your neighborhood Target or on the Target app in the US.
  • However, if you live in Canada, using Apple Pay at Target is limited to a single purchase of 250 CAD.
  • Once your purchase totals $50 or more, you must supply a PIN or signature.

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is not accepted at Walmart. Walmart Pay is available as a substitute, and there are no plans to introduce Apple Pay shortly.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Dollar General only accepts digital wallets in some locations, including Apple Pay. It does provide its payment app: DG GO! Dollar General only offers the app to customers who pay for items using their phones. Also, remember that only some shops can accept payments made through the DG GO! app.

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