How do Google Workspace Support Businesses

Google is present all around the world, making lives easier with its support. Business community in its reach has opted into Google workspace. It has over 3 billion users now defining its ever-growing customer base.  Earlier, it was known as G-Suite. Today, we have its exceptionally refined face that is giving a tough competition to Microsoft and its other rivals. In terms of productivity and collaboration via software, it’s on the top.

The Cloud Next event revealed its next level of connectedness. People are likely to see how easily one can integrate AppSheet into Gmail. The giant search engine has been working on creating the no-code platform over years. Soon, many more new things are going to be there to make corporate lives easier. It would certainly ensure managed IT services in place with a minimal interference of the IT team.

However, it would take time to happen. But, the silver lining is always there. Like digital transformation, Google will transform the entire workspace with automatic updates.

However, it would take time to happen. But, the silver lining is always there. Much like the broader concept of digital transformation, the integration of specialized Digital Transformation Platforms will enable Google to further revolutionize the entire workspace through seamless automatic updates.

Here are some updates that prove a great support to global businesses:

Google Communication Platform- Meet

A new feature is rolled out. It is concerned with Meet- a communication tool or platform of the topmost search engine.

What’s new in it?

1. Host can turn off audio and video

Now, the host can turn “off” the microphone and video of the selected. But, the participant won’t be able to turn it on unless the host allows it.

2. iOS or Android version is must

If the user does not have any iOS or Android version of the Meet App supporting the updates, he would be removed from the call. It will happen when the host will come with an upgraded version that has the aforesaid feature. A repeat attempt to join the call will be successful once you upgrade it.

3. Support multiple languages

This communication platform will support multiple languages. It will enable better communication in the language that users are comfortable with. It will automatically translate the spoken language to the captions in another language.

The live translated captions were tested in beta version, which supported English meetings to get translated to Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

4. Integrate updates on these apps

The updated features are now integrated for meetings on Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and Teaching & Learning Upgrade platforms.

“Focus Time” to Block Meeting Schedules

Google Calendar now has an amazing feature called “Focus Time”. It allows you to bracket a period of time where meetings can never be hosted. This idea is ideally for the serious doers who actually want to have a few minutes devoted to serious tasks.

It’s an amazing marker in the Calendar to automatically decline meetings. So, you would have enough time to finish off work or think about the transition. You would have absolutely no last-minute rush for getting all preparations done.

All About Focus Time

It is set as a new entry for Google Calendar that is for declining meetings. It clearly sends a message to co-workers that the host needs some time to focus on and get the work done.

1. How to Set Up

In settings, this option needs to manually tick because it remains disabled by default. So, you have to select it if you don’t intend to organise a meet.  As you change the settings, the blocked-out time will appear in your Calendar. The headphone icon symbolizes that it has been done. Your co-workers or contacts will be able to see exactly how long you need to concentrate.

2. Easy Formatting & Monitoring

This setting can be formatted as per your convenience. With different visibility of this time, it’s easy to highlight. Besides, your Time Insights would clearly highlight it so that it can be monitored easily.

3. Integrated Platforms

The business startups and existing users can enjoy this setting on Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals and Education Teaching & Learning Upgrade 2021.

4. Excluded Platforms

The users of Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter Enterprise Essentials, Frontline and G-Suite Basic and Business Customers would have to wait a little longer for this feature.

5. Google Chat Integration

This feature will be integrated with Google Chat, which allows users to quickly send a message to other attendees in the run-up to a meeting. There is a condition with it that they should come from the same organisation.

Workspace Accounts to be Used on Android Devices

Bringing a balance in a professional and personal life is harder than ever. With the advent of mobile phone and laptop productivity apps, it’s challenging to avoid meetings from any comfort zone. The business-based discussions go on and on even if you are at home.

Unfortunately, android users can access it on their phone with the support of the workplace’s IT team. They have to call for enabling this option for their account. The self-dependent professionals and freelancers are not happy with it. It is simply because they would be unable to hide apps for professional uses. They have to turn on a third party tool.

1. Keep Business Data Separate from Personal Files

Now, Google has made it way more comfortable. Google Workspace will be available on any device running lollipop or higher android version.  The substantial thing is that it keeps personal apps and data separate. Within a couple of taps, your work-based software is separated in your app drawer.

2. Enabled Support for Unmanaged Google Workspace

Thankfully Google is there, bringing a transformation in the employment world. In a few months, Android work profiles will be able to add support for unmanaged Google Workspace users. It means that the workspace members are likely to rise in the future.

3. More Effective Integrations

Now, a new APIs update is likely to be announced for speedy changes. Likewise, people would be able to tailor tabs for avoiding hacking attempts. It allows safer authentication by WebView. A new bug bounty program will be introduced for Pixel devices running enterprise software.

These three main updates are a sign of shift. However, Google is not alone in this domain. There is Microsoft, giving it a cut-throat competition. But, Google is matchless in terms of designing a future-proof strategy. It works on creating a collaborative framework that is largely built around Gmail. It is where teamwork has grown up in recent years.

The greater emphasis is seen on Workspace Chat and Spaces. These new features have replaced Chat Rooms in terms of connectivity. “Spaces” is emerging as a focal point where collaborations on documents happen. Teams view messages and communicate seamlessly.

These and a lot more updates are going to be around for improving workspace and promoting digital working. It is the only way out to beat challenges of business discontinuity. The entire world has been facing it since the outbreak of the pandemic. Now, Google is trying to bring it back on track.


Google Workspace is a refined version of G-Suite. It is meant for easing business activities and creating a collaborative environment where employees can work effectively. The updates in Google Meet and its Calendar are proving really supportive. Even the android and iOS compatibility has made it awesome.

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