IGTV and Reels

Instagram(IGTV and Reels) Ads continues to expand its monetization possibilities for brands and creators and provide facilities for users to buy online directly from the application.

Until now, Instagram Shopping was available in feed posts, Stories, and the Explore section. But now, social shopping spreads to two new territories:  IGTV Views and Reels. We tell you the details!

Instagram Shopping on IGTV and other monetization news

In October 2020, Instagram announced the global expansion of Instagram Shopping to IGTV. With this new functionality, users can view a video and purchase the products featured in it with just a few taps.

For creators and influencers, this novelty allows them to monetize their Instagram follower base more directly, and for brands it is an opportunity to increase conversions. Creators will be able to tag products that are available for purchase directly in their videos.

IGTV users will be able to make their purchases through the payment system within the application or visit the seller’s website. It is expected that the majority option is to pay for the products within the Instagram Shopping itself, since it is the most comfortable. This allows Instagram to take a commission for these purchases.

Taking into account the increase in online purchases caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this functionality could become a very significant source of income for Instagram.

In addition to incorporating Instagram Shopping, Instagram IGTV is also testing to incorporate ads Animation Companies In Los Angeles with a small group of selected accounts.

New Instagram IGTV ads   will have a maximum duration of 15 seconds and will appear when a user taps on a post in their feed to continue watching a video on IGTV. The experiment will include the option to allow users to skip the ads to provide the best possible experience.

The revenue from these ads will be shared between Instagram and the content creators, who will keep at least 55% of the profits. 

Instagram Shopping on Reels

Likewise, Instagram has also announced that “soon” the tests to incorporate Instagram Shopping into Reels would begin. At the moment, the launch date is not yet defined, although Instagram has declared that it will be this same 2020.

Meanwhile, TikTok has lagged behind in conquering the social commerce market, as it has only done some advertising tests, such as a collaboration with Levi’s to launch ads created by influencers that appeared in users’ feed and invited them to visit. the brand’s website. They have also allowed users to add links to ecommerce sites on their TikTok profiles.

However, this could change very soon, as the American commerce giant Walmart has acquired a part of TikTok so that the social network can legally operate in the United States. Given Walmart’s great interest in ecommerce, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see new social shopping features on TikTok very soon.


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