5 Tips How Video Can Increase Your Website Traffic

We can’t say this enough: video marketing is hands-down one of the most promising strategies for increasing Website Traffic. More than 89% of marketers say video gives them a satisfying ROI.

The allure of videos is pretty simple. In a world where everything is turning digital, people are getting busy and tend to consume information quickly.

In this situation, videos provide straightforward and easy-to-digest information, so they don’t have to struggle to scroll through a whole batch of paragraphs just to get to the juicy bits.

More than increasing your ROI, though, videos can drive traffic to your website as well. It can drive a whopping 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs.

In this post, we’ll learn how to turn videos into your traffic-generating machine.

Let’s jump right into it!

#1. Optimize It For Search

First thing first, you need to get the videos noticed by search engine crawlers by optimizing them. This way, you can seamlessly sit at the top pages of search engine results pages (SERPs) — like Google.

Optimizing your videos means that you better to:

  • Pick the ideal video hosting based on your audience demographics.
  • Choose the right keyword for your video title and description.
  • Include video transcripts.
  • Create engaging thumbnails to spark viewers’ curiosity and generate more clicks.

As optimized videos higher your website rank on SERPs, it can get more views and Increase your website traffic. That’s how you can get more high-quality traffic.

#2. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Mobile devices have changed the way your customers consume content. Are you aware that half of your online traffic is mobile?

According to the latest video marketing stats, people are 1.5 times more likely to watch videos from handheld devices than desktops. Not to mention that 92% of mobile users also share videos daily.

So, whether it’s social videos or explainer videos, it’s essential to optimize them for mobile users, creating a pleasant viewing experience for them. In other words, you must make the visual, format, and design fit on their small smartphone screen. Also, since mobile users are always on the go, you can keep your videos short with fast loading time.

#3. Get Social

Another great thing about videos is that they’re incredibly shareable. With videos, all you need is just a few clicks to spread your message across your digital channel—from web pages to your social media profiles.

In this case, social media is an ideal place to increase your website traffic. Why? Because millions of users spend hours on these networks daily. It makes it the perfect medium for referrals and driving more traffic to your website.

You can embed or post your videos to popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

#4. Add a Clear Call-to-Action

Another tip for effectively accomplishing this traffic-generation goal is to include an intriguing call to action (CTA). No matter how brilliant and convincing your video content is, it will not do the trick if you don’t tell the viewers what to do next.

Therefore, each of your videos must tell viewers what to do and encourage them to perform your desired action. For instance, you can insert an engaging button that says, “go to my website,” “visit my website to learn more,” etc.

Once you’ve crafted your compelling call to action, you’re ready to convert your video viewers into website visitors.

#5. Focus on Creating Valuable Content

Do you know the main reason people click on your videos? They want to get valuable content that can solve their problem or at least make their lives any easier. So, why not provide them with the things they asked for?

If people find the content valuable, they will be more convinced to distribute it elsewhere. By all means, try to avoid hard-selling your brand with videos. Utilize an AI video generator to streamline your video creation process. Your videos should focus on the story and educate and entertain the viewers.

This way, you can easily build a strong, solid relationship with potential customers, leading to continuous traffic.

Wrapping Up

Not every video brings you all the advantages they’re talking about – only those optimized and well-crafted ones will Increase your website traffic. That being said, you can start by using the handy tips above to increase your website traffic using high-performing videos. Once you crack the code, the videos won’t only help you drive more high-quality traffic but also make it easier for you to boost conversion rates and close more deals.

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