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Businesses today are greatly modernized. Because of the rising needs of people, entrepreneurs are forced to adopt the digital paradigm. Consumers’ lives have become much more hectic due to their prolonged working durations. Hence, they can’t spare much time visiting offline stores to satisfy their purposes. 

Most use different applications to meet their needs. Social media plays a significant role in raising the demands of these business softwares, as users spend considerable time using social platforms. Thus, numerous organizations took advantage of tremendous social media usage and started adding various kinds of posts on various platforms. These include Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and many more.

But amongst them, businesses are getting a substantial rise from Instagram, as there are 2 billion MAUs found in 2022 on this application. Besides this, it’s not just about posting numerous images and videos of ventures on such platforms; entrepreneurs also need to add various types of tags to their content. Follow the ongoing trends and stay in touch with their customers by responding to them regularly to solve issues regarding an enterprise.

Thus, to escape from all such fuzzes, startup owners are now utilizing various tools through which they can automatically perform almost every operation on Instagram that they used to perform manually in previous times. Not only entrepreneurs but also regular users can utilize such tools. Here, you will learn about one such tool named Inflact. So first, let’s know everything about Inflact by exploring the numerous sections mentioned below.

What Is Inflact?

Inflact is a tool used for performing marketing of business through Instagram; it automates the process of entrepreneurs by performing various operations. It includes scheduling posts, account analysis, CRM, creating hashtags from an AI-powered generator, responding to customers through in-built chatbots, and examining the growth of a venture.

Entrepreneurs, influencers, and bloggers use Instagram to market the products of specific enterprises or organizations they are associated with. Simple Instagram users can also utilize this tool as it contains some attributes that allow them to use it in their daily lives.

If you, as a startup owner, are not backed with a sufficient amount of capital, like established organizations in the market who invest their ample amount of money in advertising on social media by hiring influencers, bloggers, or some reputed public figures. Then, Inflact is an optimal choice for raising your business considerably, as it’s loaded with numerous specifications helpful in making your venture famous through Instagram – one of the most popular social media applications.

After learning about Inflact, let’s plunge into a discussion about the various attributes provided by this tool. 

Certain Features of Inflact: Attracting It Users 

For using Inflact, you need to invest a minimal amount on a monthly/yearly basis. After receiving the software membership/subscription, you can access several specifications throughout an application. Now, to know them all, they are mentioned as follows:


Following and unfollowing is the most basic and evergreen feature on Instagram. You can follow an account related to a topic, individuals, or any organization you want to know about. Furthermore, using Instagram, you might have struck with some profiles that follow and unfollow you from the very next day onwards. It is a crucial technique used to bring your account into following suggestions to your target audience so that the probability of users visiting your profile and the number of followers increases.

Similarly, you can follow the same practice for your business, as Inflact provides a bot that automates the task of following and unfollowing users who follow many profiles identical to you or those who have liked specific hashtags. Hence, in this way, a tool assists you in increasing the network insights of your venture.

Message Directly

Through Inflact, you can automate the messaging process, as it has a bot that straightforwardly sends your set DM to a particular category of users to increase the number of conversions. Besides this, you can send a message by choosing from a specific set of actions. It includes sending DMs automatically to those who have just started following your profile or forwarding messages in mass quantity to a significant number of accounts.

Autopost Photos and Scheduling Stories

You can add any type of photos regarding your venture in the posts section and can also schedule stories in advance by putting the images along with entering the timings at which you need your stories to get shared from your ID. Although this feature is helpful and also strange at the same time, it’s used by most startup owners. No matter whether there are many social media automation tools available, only a few of them allow users to schedule stories and posts in a fixed sequence. Among them, Inflact is the one that provides all such automation features to its users.

Generate Hashtag

There is a significant impact laid on your account’s user reach when you add posts loaded with varieties of hashtags. But it’s a challenging task at the same time to post with numerous hashtags. Manually, if you start writing hashtags regarding the post category, then it might happen that your mind would be able to process only 3-4 hashtags at max. So, with the help of Inflact, you can write many different hashtags related to your enterprise and possibly raise the reachability of your venture to a targeted audience.

There are many other features offered through Inflact that might prove helpful in marketing your enterprise and can help it gain considerable sales through Instagram stories. If you are excited to receive membership in Inflact, then refer to its pricing below.

Inflact Pricing Structure

Inflact consists of a wide range of pricing plans so that you can choose a specific one as per your needs. Furthermore, if you are not willing to use a tool for an extended period, then it has a weekly plan present for you, which offers access to all the software’s premium features at approximately $3.

And, if you are a startup owner and want to utilize a tool for a longer period, then it also has a yearly/monthly subscription plan varying in 3 different categories. Here are the annual plans of Inflact described below:

The first is a basic plan, which costs $438 to subscribe to a tool yearly and allows users to utilize only three features: promotions, VPN, and hashtag generator. 

The second is an advanced plan that charges $519 for its yearly subscription and includes four tool features: promotions, direct messaging, VPN, and a hashtag maker.

The third and last one is a pro plan, which permits you to utilize every feature, including promotions, direct messaging, post scheduling, VPN, hashtag creator, story downloader, and post saver, at a rate of $682 for a year subscription to the tool.

So, you can choose from the plans mentioned above as per your usage and venture requirements. Besides this, if you’re now willing to see other tools similar to Inflact, then consider the next section. 

List of Other Apps Similar to Inflact

Basically, it’s evident that you should select a social marketing tool from various options because every tool differs by its perks and attributes. So here are numerous alternatives listed below; refer to each of them:

Hubspot Marketing Hub

Hubspot seems to be a suitable choice for you as an entrepreneur who is looking for proper social automation software for your venture. In addition, it is an all-in-one, robust, and simpler CRM tool that assists your enterprise in transforming profile visitors into consumers, fetching the targeted audience, and efficiently conducting entire marketing programs for your business.


Hootsuite is among the leading tools for managing the social media of small and medium-scale startups to rise in the market. However, it is trusted by 18 million+ users, which means you can receive remarkable outcomes in your venture with assurance by using this software. In addition, you can schedule posts and embed all types of tags, interact with your consumers, and measure your progress. All these things can be done by utilizing just a single tool to secure a reputed position. Moreover, this tool can also be used by many renowned organizations for the purpose of social media marketing and automation.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social seems to be a perfect choice for entrepreneurs finding a social marketing solution. The software helps businesses to better connect with their customers, publish workflow easily, and convert social data into valuable leads. However, a tool not only assists enterprises in revamping the marketing strategies of their enterprise along with enhancing every vertical of a venture.

Constant Connect

Constant Connect is suitable software for managing businesses’ social media content. A solution assists startup owners in increasing their reach, receiving more sales, and improving the social strategy of ventures. In addition, a solution consists of all the tools that help ventures schedule posts and stories on various social platforms, resolving maximum queries of customers through chatbots and many others.


If you, as a startup owner, are searching for an appropriate Inflact option, then Instarazzo is the best alternative. Furthermore, this tool includes almost every tool for managing business content on Instagram, which helps businesses boost their growth significantly in the market by enhancing their consumer interactions and increasing their popularity among users worldwide. In short, it’s a preferable tool for entrepreneurs.

Final Words

Today, it’s a challenging situation for businesses to cope with the competition, as within a minimal interval of time, business owners are adopting a new trend of operating trade. It is because their ventures are associated with the users, so they need to understand their preferences. Most of them spend a substantial amount of time on social media, especially on Instagram. Thus, almost every startup or organization utilizes social content management tools to grab the advantage of such traffic on those applications.

If you are motivated to use such a solution to attract social users to your enterprise, then Inflact would help you in every possible way. Here, you will learn various details about Inflact, including its numerous features, pricing packages, and multiple options, so that you can compare them and choose the best option for your venture.


Is Inflact free to use?

You need to pay a certain amount to use it, as there are various subscription plans. There are three plans: basic, advanced, and pro, which offer multiple tools for utilizing them according to the package you have selected.

Can Instagram images and videos be downloaded from Inflact for free?

Yes, Inflact allows its users to download Instagram stories, post images and videos without charging any money from them. They require to subscribe the premium plan for saving all posts of a particular profile at once without any obstacles.

What is being offered through Inflact to grow an Instagram account?

Inflact provides 3 tools:

  1. Autolike, Follow/Unfollow for promoting content.
  2. Auto DM
  3. Post Scheduling

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