Top 10 Instant Messaging App Development Companies 2023

Digital innovation and technological advancements have transformed communication modes. And today, we no longer need to visit a person physically to communicate. Whether you want to reach out to someone professionally or personally, you can do so with a simple, instant text. Now, all your loved ones, employees, customers, service providers, or targeted audience are just a text away. 

With instant messaging apps, you can discuss anything from simple topics to complex work plans. You can also send your thoughts as messages, voice notes, etc. Instant chat app development companies are making it convenient and hassle-free for users. 

Today, thousands of messaging app developers offer instant messaging app development services for different industries. 

Also, the rising popularity of instant communication makes it an excellent choice to incorporate chat apps into your business communication. So, if you want to hire a messaging app development company, keep reading. Here we will list the top 10 instant messaging app developers of 2024. We will also share some essential details, like how it works, how to choose the best company, the future of instant messaging, and more.

What is Instant Messaging App Development, and How Does it Work?

Before we discuss the top 10 instant messaging app development companies, let us have a quick look at what an Instant messaging app is and how it works. 

What is an Instant Messaging App?

An instant messaging app is a mobile or web-based application that enables users to communicate with each other by text, voice notes, video calling/messaging, etc. With this, you can communicate with your friends, families, clients, business associates, and targeted audience. Due to many reasons, instant messaging apps have become popular with time. 

Some primary benefits of using these apps are ease of use, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to connect users with audiences from far and in different time zones. 

Some basic features of instant chat apps are real-time messaging, voice notes, audio/video calls, group chat, and multimedia sharing. In addition, they also come with end-to-end encryption, push notification, chatbot, location sharing, and file sharing facilities. 

How Does it Work

If you want to integrate a chat app into your Shopify website and development, you must know how it works. And below, we will discuss briefly how a corporate messaging app works-

  • Users download the app and create an account. To get started with the instant messaging app, users first need to download the app from the Play Store. Then they will need to set up their account on the application by providing some basic details like phone number, user name, and password. 
  • Sync contacts—Once users finish setting up their accounts, they can sync contacts from their mail IDs and device contacts with the app. This will help them easily find their contacts on the messaging platform and text or call them right away. 
  • Text, video, voice messages – When the user sends messages to their contacts via an instant messaging app, the app forms a connection between the user and the app server. And users can communicate with their contacts via text, video, and audio messages over the app.
  • Messages handled by the app server – Every time the user sends messages to their contacts, the app server processes the information and delivers it to the recipient’s account. And they get a notification for the message.
  • Real-time messaging – The recipient receives and replies to the message, and the process repeats to form real-time communication. 
  • Encryption – Some chat app development companies also include end-to-end encryption for a secure messaging experience. It helps to keep your conversations private and safe. 

List of Top 10 Chat App Development Companies

Currently, plenty of chat app development companies are working around us. But when you want to hire a messaging app development company, you must choose the best. And below, we will list 10 top companies to hire for chat app development –

Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares is among the leading corporate messaging app developers in the Indian market. It offers various software development services, including mobile, web, and instant messaging applications. Here, you can get instant messaging app development services for all businesses, such as group chat apps, social chat apps, and video chat apps

In addition to their instant messaging app development services, they offer several web and mobile application development services. 

They use cutting-edge technologies like, React js and node.js to bring quality applications. For those looking to enhance their project’s backend performance, the option to hire node js developers can be a strategic move, ensuring robust and efficient application functionality. Some of the key features of their instant messaging app are quick signup and login, profile building, profile status, Audio/video calling, group and broadcast creation, file sharing, visibility control, encryption, and security. 

In addition, their chat app admin panel has a host of exciting features you can try like user management, an admin dashboard, user filtration, CMS integration, massage broadcasting, group chat controls, analytics and reporting, security, and privacy. 

Five dot twelve

Five Dot Twelve is also a leading instant messaging app development company that offers quality software messaging solutions for various businesses. This text and voice app development agency also provides web app development and mobile application development services for its customers.

They can help you develop web, mobile, and software applications for your business. Thousands of companies and communities trust Fivedottwelve to develop customized chat apps for different communication needs. 

They also use cutting-edge technologies like PHP, Flutter, ReactJS, Kotlin, node.js, etc. To bring high-quality mobile and web applications. 

They can provide cross-platform and flutter-based applications as per your need. Some of their popular projects include ParrotOne, Squaddy, I Dare U, Sobber Grid, Social, etc. They offer advanced and innovative messaging and communication solutions that match the standards of different industries. 

Five dot twelve offers a broad category for app development that easily includes various industry needs, such as e-commerce, social networks, health and fitness, education, and so on. 


Belitsoft is a top mobile app development company offering various technology and software-based services. Their core services include custom software development, cloud migration, software testing, and software developer hiring. 

Belitsoft also helps customers with consultation and research, staff augmentation, QA, support, and maintenance. They offer high standards of security and privacy for all of their software solutions and follow a transparent work procedure. 

They use advanced technology and software to build customized applications, whether web or mobile. Also, the mobile and web applications by Belitsoft contain essential features and upgraded UI and UX design to meet industry standards. 

They offer custom group chat apps and instant messaging apps under their application development. Belitsoft also provides IT and other software solutions essential for different industries like EPR, CRM, LMS, EHR/EMR, CTMS, and communities.


A3logic is an IT consulting and Development company that offers a wide range of services, including mobile application development and instant messaging app development services. A3logic offers different types of mobile application development services to match different business needs. They provide three major types of mobile application development native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile app development. Also, their security standards are high and ensure top-quality data privacy and security. 

Beside communication-based mobile applications, A3logic also offers upgraded and advanced chatbots compatible with various devices. The company also uses the latest and cutting-edge tools to develop projects like Java, CES, Swift, BackgroundFetch, Firebase, Qulite, and MobilecoreServices.Framework and APNS. They offer a wide variety of services to support digital transformation for various business industries. Their mobile applications are feature-rich and customizable to provide accurate solutions for various industry needs. One of their fine work examples is Chatstasy, an iPhone app designed to make online messaging easy for older and young people. is also among the top voice chat app development agencies. They offer a wide range of software solutions like mobile app development, IT solutions, Big data consulting, software development, e-commerce development, etc. They create various types of mobile applications with advanced technologies like Reactjs, Sistamatic UI, and Drupal. develops a cutting-edge mobile application that supports various user requirements like system admin, admin, IT user, and user all-in-one. 

They built a mobile application compatible with various devices like Android, iPhone, desktops, and many others. also prioritizes privacy and security in cyberspace and includes features like end-to-end encryption to prevent cyber threats. Their instant messaging app development services are customizable, enabling users to create their own personalized massaging applications. Some key features of the mobile application include multiple platform compatibility, a user-friendly and intuitive interface, call/text communication, maps, and IT tools. Their mobile app development services work for documentation, IT, architecture, and business industries. 

Clearbridge Mobile 

Clearbridge Mobile is also a mobile app development company that helps users to create useful mobile applications for their businesses. The company offers a wide range of mobile app solutions for various businesses. Their mobile app development services include app design, native IOS/Android app development, connected TV app development, and UI and UX design. In addition, they also provide enterprise solutions and team extension services. 

Clearbridge Mobile uses the latest and advanced tools like Reactjs, node.js, javascript, PHP, etc., to build their mobile applications. Their mobile applications have a rich user interface and dynamic designs. They provide mobile application development services across various industries like entertainment, media, healthcare, hospitality, retail, etc. They have been working in the mobile app development industry for more than 10 years and have launched 250+ successful mobile applications for their customers. Also, some of their trusted client base includes Paypal, Daynacare, Rogers, and Gerdau. 


Tekrevol is a mobile application and software development company that provides various software development services, including web apps, mobile applications, startup prototypes, startup app development, wearable app development, game development, IP protection, and more. The company also offers customizable chatbots and instant messaging app development services. 

One of their popular chat app projects is SELAH. It is a social app primarily designed to communicate over the internet through text, calls, voice notes, and more. SELAH helps users connect with their loved ones, communicate through texts and calls, share media files, and socialize. Another project of Tekrevol is a golfers chat app designed for gulf lovers to communicate and socialize with people with a keen interest in golf. In addition, Tekrevol offers many other essential services like cloud computing, Flutter app development, CTO consultancy, digital marketing, transformation, react native app development, and more. 

Red stag fulfillment

Red stag Fulfillment is an e-commerce fulfillment company offering instant messaging app development services for e-commerce platforms. Red stag fulfillment is a popular name in the US for providing quality fulfillment services nationwide. Some of their core services include 3PL services, e-commerce fulfillment, and order fulfillment. 

Red Stag Fulfillment offers live chat facilities with its e-commerce solutions. Its live chat solution is built with cutting-edge technology and tools and provides easy navigation, a user-friendly interface, real-time location tracking, and media sharing facilities. 

They offer highly customizable and secure chat software, and almost 80% of companies who have used their live chat solution upvote the personalization facility of the software. 

in is a popular mobile app development company. However, the company also offers many other software development services, including custom software development, cloud development, web application development, IT consulting, UI and UX design, and more. The company offers customizable mobile and software applications highly compatible with different devices and platforms. They use cutting-edge technologies such as React.js, Java, Python, PHP, and many others. has a huge onboard team (1400+ members) and gathered recognition from prestigious organizations like Forbes, Clutch, IAOP, etc. 

mmf infotech

mmf infotech is a software development company offering various custom software development and other development services. Some of their key services include chat app development, Mobile app development, web applications development, e-commerce development, Amazon service, back office services, and on-demand services. 

MMF Infotech offers quality instant messaging apps or chat solutions on demand included in their other services like mobile, web, and e-commerce development services. 

How to Choose Messaging App Development Company 

Many businesses and governmental and non-governmental institutions use their own messaging apps, and that is why there is a huge demand for chat app developers. Many best software development companies specializing in mobile app development provide instant messaging app development services. But if you are wondering which developer to choose, read on here; we will discuss how to choose the best chat app developer.

  • Take a good look at company portfolios- Nowadays, every chat app development company offers you access to their portfolios on their website. Take time to examine company portfolios to find out about their strength. A portfolio can also help you understand whether a company can help you build a messaging app for your specific project or if they have experience working with businesses in your industry.
  • Read testimonials- Satisfied and happy clients can help you understand the quality of work you can expect from a messaging app development company. That is why be sure to read testimonials before hiring a company. Client testimonials are easily available on company websites, but you can also ask a chat app development company to provide their previous clients’ contact lists. This will help you directly communicate with previous clients and know their experience.
  • Go for app-testing- Just like you test-drive a car before buying it; you can also ask a mobile app development company for app-testing. You can request temporary access to their previously designed messaging apps to understand their work. However, many chat app development companies may not offer app testing to maintain the security of their previous clients. 
  • Cost-effective – Another crucial factor you must consider while choosing the best messaging app developer for your business is the cost of the overall services. You must make a clear budget (yet flexible) and select a service provider who can offer quality chat app development services within your budget. You can keep several factors in mind that affect your budget, like project time, the distance between your provider and your company, and the type of service you seek. Do not go overboard to get a popular provider or complex app. Understand your budget and needs to pick the right one. 
  • Transparency- Transparency is also crucial when choosing the right developer to develop a chat app for your business. You must always choose a service provider with clear work procedures and explain their terms and conditions and project delivery policy without any complications. Some developers may leave you in the dark without sharing progress once they get the contract and hand you a poorly developed app at the end. So, always talk to the provider and learn about their work method and how they will update you about the progress. Also, read the agreement paper carefully before you sign it. 
  • Maintenance and support – Maintenance and support play a vital role in any service, and there is no exception in chat app development too. You must hire a developer who can offer you maintenance and support services. If your provider offers maintenance and support, you do not need to worry about the future maintenance of the product. Also, providing maintenance and support means they will take responsibility for their work and resolve any error that occurs in the future. 

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Future of chat app 

Chat apps are almost like a lifeline for modern people. Many rely on instant messaging apps to connect with family, friends, and colleagues. Many businesses understand the potential of chat apps as the most popular communication tool in the modern era and use them to reach consumers. The future holds a lot for chat apps, and here are some features of these applications that most businesses will explore in the near future.

  • More focus on privacy and security- Safety and privacy has become a major concern for many while using the internet. Nobody wants their personal information to be misused. And that is where chat apps can help businesses because the best chat app developer focuses more on privacy and safety. Businesses and various institutions can easily communicate with their team and clients, knowing their information is safe with a chat app. They can use messaging app features like end-to-end encryption for calls and chats and HTTPS security for verification.
  • More emphasis on customization and innovation- Businesses and agencies can use chat apps to connect with clients and customers. With messaging applications, businesses can provide personalized information to their clients to maintain relevance. They also focus on innovation and use chat app features like branded stickers to engage their customers.
  • Conversation for conversion- Messaging apps unlike traditional marketing tools, directly boost the conversion ratio. A chat app can help a business enable and encourage sales through various stages of customers’ journeys, like answering product queries and helping clients choose and buy a product without leaving the app. This makes your products easily accessible to your customers. Professionals can help you develop a chat app for your business.
  • Integrations- Versatility is a crucial aspect of messaging apps, and one way to do this is to create more services. But that is not possible for many businesses, and that is why chat apps can use integration. When a chat app integrates with other apps, it can provide its customers with versatile benefits and useful solutions. You can hire a messaging app development company for the best conversation marketing.
  • Real-time communication- Many customer service platforms prefer chat apps, which are great for instant communication. Instead of waiting a long time to connect with a representative, instant messaging apps enable real-time conversations. Chatbots and business messages are cost-effective ways to connect with the audience. Chat app development companies provide personalized and cutting-edge solutions for chat apps for businesses.


Instant messaging apps are becoming more popular with time. The primary reason behind their popularity is that they are inclusive, convenient, and boost digital communication. So, incorporating instant messaging apps can be a great way to accelerate sales or improve customer relationships. And there is no better way than to hire a chat app developer to build your own commercial chat app. 

However, you must choose the best agency to develop a chat app for your business to ensure you get quality service. And above, we have shared a list of the top companies to hire for chat app development.  

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