iOS 15 , Two Step Verification

Apple is making it easier to secure accounts with twofactor authentication. iOS 15 has a builtin verification code generation system. 

Many online services offer twostep verification or twofactor authentication to secure accounts. Instead of just a username and password, you also have to enter a short numerical code that is automatically generated and automatically refreshed after thirty seconds. These are called TOTP (Timebased OneTime Passwords) , which can be created by twostep verification apps. As of iOS 15, this is builtin by default on the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 15 creates codes for twostep verification 

Wellknown apps that generate such codes are Google Authenticator and 1Password. But from iOS 15, this is part of iCloud Keychain, so you can set it up right there. You can find the option in the Settings app, under the heading Passwords. Then when you open one of your saved credentials, you can tap Configure verification code there. Apple supports QR codes for setting verification codes as well as manually adding the configuration key. 

Once you have set it up, filling it in will happen automatically. Thanks to AutoFill on iPhone and iPad, not only the username and password are filled in automatically, but also the onetime verification code that belongs to that account. So you only need to confirm via Touch ID, Face ID or your access code. 

In addition to iPhone and iPad, the feature is also coming to the Mac in macOS Monterey. Apple has added a new password section in System Preferences for this. So there is no separate app for iCloud Keychain where you can adjust such settings. 

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