How to Make a Product Promotional Videos

Companies, especially online stores, have a great opportunity to publicize their products thanks to the possibilities offered by the internet and social networks. Through these tools, they can develop branding and make promotional videos for products and/or services, build the loyalty of old customers and get new ones. To achieve this, it is very important to generate quality content that attracts and provides valuable information to those who receive this content.

What Must be Taken into Account to Make a Product Promotional Video

When talking about content generation, it is mandatory to stop at the videos. The corporate video of a product is essential for two reasons:

·         It serves as a product launch and presents it to the public.

·         Present interesting content to a group of people who are looking for information about something in particular. By satisfying the public’s need for information, e-commerce will be making itself known and gaining recognition and respect from the community and, consequently, will increase its chances of losing future sales.

What aspects a video should take care of

In this video we show the product with adequate lighting and camera movement, thus capturing its appeal.
The text on the screen provides information and the elegant style of the typography and graphics convey the idea of ​​the value that we want to associate with this product.

The idea

When creating a video, you need to have an idea. Based on that idea, we will make the rest of the decisions about the production and editing of the content. We must be clear:

·         What do we want to achieve with the video? This will make us have to pay special attention to some specific aspects of others. We may just want to talk about their characteristics, we may want to take advantage of the video Online Cartoon Yourself to provide general information about these products …

·         What proposal are we going to launch? The proposal must be conceived in a way that reinforces the objective of the product video.

Transmit the spirit of the product and the brand

When making a product promotional video it is necessary to be clear about the values ​​of the brand and the product itself. Then these values ​​and ideas will have to be captured on video to enhance the effect. It is not just about the viewers seeing the product, it is about being able to create associations of ideas and if it is in an emotional way, much better.

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Image care

The launch of a video product must be very careful at the visual level – unless the proposal, which could happen, is to present a sloppy image. Special emphasis should be placed on the following:

·         The product should look good. For this, good use of lighting must be made and background must be chosen that enhances the product and/or that contextualizes it and associates it with the brand idea.

·         The frames must be accurate. A bad framing conveys a the feeling of ignorance and ineptitude and will be counterproductive.

·         An intelligent and subtle edition in which we see moving images. A sequence of harmonic images presented with a good cadence.

·         Use labels at the right time and in the right way. They cannot be absent, but neither can they be excessive.

Good sound

50% is visual what we see and 50% is hearing. A very common fault incorporate product videos is in the sound of the same. Viewers can tolerate poor picture quality, but if the sound is not good, we will lose them. Why? If the sound is just tolerable, it will give the feeling that the video is crappy, a feeling that viewers will extend to the brand. If the sound does not reach a minimum, viewers will stop watching the video immediately, and you will not able to describe your product in your promotional video.

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