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Managing a team can be challenging and can overwhelm even the best in the business. Task management software obstacles can cost a company up to $109 million for every $1 billion invested in a project. That’s a hefty loss that can stump the growth of your online business.

Are you facing difficulties managing your tasks efficiently?

Does your online business suffer because of a lack of communication within the team?

Do you often sway from the timeline and miss deadlines as it’s difficult to keep track of the due dates and progress of your tasks?

If you have answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you have landed at the right place. One of your greatest allies on the path to overcoming this is an organizational tool that perfectly fits your team or project. You can accelerate the growth of your online business by switching to a robust task management tool. It can put you in a better position to manage the team and varying clients and projects simultaneously with ease. 

If you’re still wondering whether investing your resources in a task management app is worth it, here’s a detailed article to help you out. Let’s discuss the definition, ideal features and options available for task management out there.

What is a Task Management Software?

Task management software is a digital asset that helps you design a plan, delegate tasks, and keep a track of the progress of the assignment. This averts any delays, missed deadlines, and exceeding the budget. These tools are curated such that they enable streamlined visualization of the projects and help prioritize, backtrack, and plan your workday efficiently.

It is an essential tool for every company as 42% of employees feel they are not provided with adequate technology or software needed to succeed while working remotely. Incorporating advanced task management software like Clientvenue can improve the workflow of your online business. It is software that lets you ensure thorough execution of the task by your team. The tool helps the managers address multiple agendas simultaneously. You can be on top of tasks like:

  • Replenishing inventory on time
  • Tending to customer queries instantly
  • Expedite order fulfillment
  • Seamless collaboration with the team

Features of an Ideal Task Management Software

You can find all kinds of accounting software, CRM software, and task management software through a simple search on the internet. However, not all of them can help you manage an online store efficiently. So it is crucial to understand the features that you may require in the software you intend to use. Here are a few features that you should consider while checking out task management software.

Efficient Structure and Visualization

The main aspect of beneficial software is its structure. You should be able to use the tool in a way that makes your life easier. The structure of the tool should be equipped with the capability to handle multiple projects, tasks, subtasks, and numerous team members. If the structure includes visual aids, it makes managing and prioritizing the tasks even simpler. So that is another factor that you should look into for a great organizational experience.

Appropriate Customisation

You can gauge the flexibility of the software by the amount of customisation it can accommodate. This is necessary as you will need to modify the tasks according to your system’s workflow. Some of the tools that make this list also provide templates to get you started or have addons to streamline the workflow (for example, Jira templates for tickets by AppLiger).

Scope for Communication

The task management software should offer features that help your team to collaborate more efficiently. The teams at your online store should be able to communicate with each other about the updates regarding the tasks. The tool should have ample provisions to notify about the messages from the users to keep the wheel turning.

Effortless Tracking

Alongside effective communication, your team should be able to stay on top of their tasks. So the task management software should have the capability to track the progress. This helps with accountability and help’s your team focus on swift prioritization.

Top Task Management Softwares

The task of choosing the appropriate software for your eCommerce store can be daunting. Therefore, here’s a comprehensive list of task management softwares that possesses the features necessary for an eCommerce store.



Trello has come up as the biggest boon for project managers working with a restricted budget. It is an online task management tool that works through a Kanban based organization system. This tool has become rather popular due to its simplicity. You can organize and monitor multiple projects and tasks at a glance. The straightforward nature makes it easy to integrate into your workflow.

Notable features:

  • Trello is compatible with all operating systems, platforms, and various devices like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • The principle management strategy revolves around creating different boards, lists and cards for a particular task. It enables you to organize the tasks by setting labels, prioritizing using due dates, communicating through checklists and sharing attachments through the cards.
  • You can create boards for inventory management, track the order fulfillment done by international shipping services, brainstorm digital marketing strategies and so on.
  • In addition to that, it has multiple integrations with other apps like DropBox, Outlook and Gmail to increase productivity. 
  • You can run commands and set no-code automated rules to further use Trello to its complete potential.


Trello has a great free plan along with various levels of upgrades called “Standard”, “Premium”, and “Enterprise” that cost $5, $10, and $15 per month respectively.



The next task management software is called Infinity. It is a tool that aids in organizing your projects which can be viewed in six different ways — calendars, lists, Gantt charts, forms and tables — all from one platform. The software makes it to this list as it has an amazing structure that lets you create innumerable folders, sub-folders, boards, and workspaces.

Notable features:

  • Unlimited customization options that allow you to shape the structure, attributes, and other characteristics as per your requirements. Alongside, their interface offers an easy way to sort, filter and group the data for increasing productivity.
  • The software provides around 50 templates that you can modify and use for allocating tasks and managing the projects.
  • Infinity offers an outlet for collaboration with all the team members involved in the project. Various members can simultaneously work on the task by performing actions such as commenting, assigning tasks, inviting other members to join, and more.
  • It makes task management easier by providing a unanimous destination for storing all your data. You can access the important documents, images, contacts, metrics or any other information within the blink of an eye.


Infinity offers a “Pay once, use forever” plan which comes at a price of $149 for a team of 5 members and the cost increases in tandem with the number of team members.



ProofHub is a software that focuses on centralizing all the task management requirements for a clutter-free visualization of the job at hand. It lets you allocate the projects to respective team members and monitor their progress through the process. 

Notable features:

  • You can coordinate with your teammates through the @mentions feature which notifies them about the message. This way you can resolve the queries faster and speed up the communication.
  • Another worthwhile feature that helps ProofHub stand out amongst other task management softwares is enhanced privacy. The eCommerce and customer support managers have the authority to regulate who has access to what data on the software. They can create a privatized task list and restricted IP. This way you can filter the traffic and provide access only to the IP addresses that have been verified.
  • The Gantt chart view is undoubtedly the best thing about ProofHub. It accelerates the assignment and distribution of tasks exponentially. You can manage the projects based on preference and stay on top of deadlines to know which task is on or ahead of schedule, and expedite the ones that are delayed.
  • The tool makes management easier with the help of provisions like setting a deadline, sending in-app and email task notifications instantly, and creating a map of tasks.


ProofHub has two price plans. First starts at $89 per month which is known as the ultimate control package. The other is an essentials package which comes at $49 per month.



StudioCloud is a software that has established itself into a sophisticated business management platform in a short span of time. The features of this tool make it a reliable performer for on-the-go task management requirements. Though project and task management is only one of the distinguishing features of this software, it is an essential addition to this list.

Notable features:

  • It offers a unified platform to handle clients, partners, and vendors.
  • Helps set up pipelines for anything and everything under the sky. You can schedule your appointments, orders, launch events, projects, etc.
  • The software allows the users to create detailed to-do lists and allocate priorities, tasks and employees to any specific project. This helps ensure that the team is on the same page while working on a particular assignment or client.
  • You can send automated yet personalized reminders via text and emails as soon as any stage of the pipeline has been completed or a milestone has been achieved. 
  • The tool’s interface and feel can be easily customized to suit your style of working.


StudioCloud has three different pricing plans of $10, $30, and $60 per month. The main difference is the number of user logins along with add-ons for each plan.

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jira software

JIRA is a task management software that is useful for the software development team of your online business. It is a workflow mapping and assignment planning tool that can be used by teams of all sizes. If you are a part of an agile team that is looking for a customizable project management tool, JIRA can be the perfect solution. The different tasks are labeled as issues in this software and can help keep a check on all the tasks that pass through the workflow steps to completion. 

Notable features:

  • The team can use a project template or create a customized workflow for their tasks. 
  • You can use over 3000 integrations with beneficial developer tools and rich APIs to automate processes. 
  • Also, it is available as a cloud-based or on-premise tool.
  • You can perform bugs and defect management through a polished user experience.
  • Visualize repositories through Code in Jira as well as view the development status right in context View.
  • Obtain end-to-end DevOps visibility and measure progress at each stage from idea through to production across all tools.


Atlasian JIRA has a free version for up to 10 users which can be upgraded whenever required. Two paid plans include various advanced features. One comes at $7.50 per user per month and the other costs $14.50 per user per month.



Without a doubt, Asana is one of the most popular task management apps available. If you’ve ever worked in a large group, you’ve probably come across this task manager. Asana has an easy and user-friendly interface that makes it simple to use. Task managers juggling multiple projects and teams at once can benefit from this software.

Notable features:

  • The task management software also offers an offline option that allows you to update your tasks when you’re not connected to the internet, and it syncs instantly once you’re back online.
  • Asana has become a crowd favorite through a plethora of third-party integrations with automation programs like Zapier, time-tracking tools like HubStaff, and others.
  • Asana has project templates tailored to your industry. You can use any of the templates to start your planning with the tool and customize them as you become more familiar with the platform.


Asana’s basic plan is free but includes a limited set of capabilities and allows only 10 users. Their monthly premium subscription starts at $10.99 per user annually. It includes Task Analytics, Dashboard, Private teams & projects, and Gantt views.

ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project
ProProfs is a simple yet powerful tool that helps manage multiple projects on a single platform. Its user-friendly interface allows team members to collaborate and get things done faster. Equipped with solid task management and automation capabilities, it has everything you need as a project manager to run smooth-flowing projects without a hitch. Besides, the tool offers improved team communication and efficiency throughout a project’s life cycle, effortlessly enabling the best user experience.

Notable Features:

  • The tool is easy to onboard with smooth navigation regardless of which device you use.
  • You can set up project workflows by creating tasks, assigning resources, and defining deadlines for the entire project within minutes.
  • Its Gantt chart provides a bird’s eye view of all your projects at a glance, while its Kanban board offers increased visibility into tasks moving from one stage to the next.
  • You can connect with team members, stakeholders, and clients from anywhere and anytime via instant messaging and task comments.
  • Also, its reporting capabilities instantly provide actionable insights into team performance and project progress.


ProProfs Project offers affordable plans called ‘Essentials’ and ‘Premium’ that cost $2 and $4 per user per month, respectively.

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Nifty is an all-in-one project management tool that brings clarity and cohesion to your tasks and timelines so your team never falls behind again.Simple yet powerful, Nifty automates reporting on project roadmaps with the completion of tasks. Combining this with Nifty’s built-in chat and Zoom integration makes Nifty the collaboration hub where planning, execution, and communication all coexist.

Notable Features::

  • Immersive Zoom and Google integrations that make collaborating in video or on Google docs from within Nifty as simple as a click
  • Updating progress reports based on the completion of roadmap-driven tasks
  • Automating workflow via assignments, statuses, and deadlines with an if/then automation tool
  • A flexible pricing structure that works for solopreneurs and enterprises alike


The basic plan starts from free but comes with a limited set of features and allows one to manage two projects only while the starter plan starts from $39 and enables one to manage upto 40 projects simultaneously. 


As the construction industry is pretty complicated, general management software can’t satisfy all the requirements and needs of large-scale construction projects. So construction companies need a tool focused on the industry demands. That’s where Buildern comes in. With its real-time communication feature, task management, and financial tools, it’s a perfect management solution for big and small construction companies. 

Notable Features: 

  • With Buildern’s user management feature, you can ensure your project’s transparency or manage its privacy by setting roles and permissions.
  • In the initial stage, Buildern will help you manage all the pre-sales processes and negotiate with your potential clients to get new leads. 
  • Connect your field and office teams to get more control over your project and reach your budgetary goals or other milestones on time. 
  • Include your accounting processes in the overall project management workflow and accurately control your project costs, satisfying the stakeholders. 


You can start with Buildern’s free plan and manage your client relationships until you get your first contract. If you want to go big, upgrade to Buildern’s Starter plan with $199/month or the Professional plan with $399/month.

Parting Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has cleared the fog around which tool would be ideal for you and your company. A key takeaway to help you get a clearer idea in case you’re still unsure about what to look for in a task management Software include looking for customization and adaptability. In addition to that, you need to ensure that the tool is capable of becoming an organizational and communication hub, assisting you with task management, team collaboration, and budgeting. Lastly, ensure you have a great Help Center and a customer support team that is there to help you anytime you need it.

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