How to Start a Web Hosting Business with Reseller Hosting

Starting a Reseller Hosting business can be a daunting process. There are several complex features that you might not be well acquainted with in the beginning. Well, if that’s the case then you have nothing to worry about. Reseller web hosting is the answer to all of your problems.

How does Reseller Hosting Work?

A web hosting company offers resources like disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and a control panel, which the reseller host buys in large quantities. The reseller host then divides these resources into smaller parts and sells them to the customer as their own services. Reseller hosting comes with two different technologies: Linux and Windows. Most webmasters prefer Linux, but nowadays, Windows reseller hosting plans are also in demand.

The reseller works as a bridge connecting the customer to the services and resources the parent company provides. However, the reseller is able to provide packages of its services at different rates along with extra customized CKA offers. These packages include all the resources like bandwidth, email accounts, cPanel accounts, domains, and several other services.

What is Reseller Hosting

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

You might wonder about the difference between hiring services directly from the parent hosting company and from a reseller host. Reseller hosts usually provide extra services in addition to those offered by the parent company. In addition to hosting services, you could opt for digital marketing, various website designs, graphic design, and more. 

In many instances, the reseller hosting site begins by providing one service but soon realizes that web hosting is a requirement, not only for them but also for their clients. Therefore, buying the service in bulk and providing it to your customers seems like a great option. They can satisfy a number of their client’s requirements at the same time and place.

You do not have to host a website yourself. Your reseller is in charge of sorting out any roadblocks you might encounter. Having problems with downtime or some other technical issue? Just let the reseller host know, and the problem will be taken care of. It is an extremely cost-effective option that allows you to enjoy all features and services without any of the responsibility.

Since the reseller host gets its services at a discounted price, it is quite possible that you will be offered these services at a lower price than those offered by the parent company.

Select the Best Reseller Hosting Provider

Choosing the right reseller-managed hosting service provider is crucial to your website. One factor that sets one reseller host head and shoulders above the others is the reliability it offers regarding customer and technical service at really affordable prices.

Some of the main aspects of reseller hosting to look for are the highest amount of uptime, customer availability, and 24/7 technical support by experts who are well acquainted with the subject.

The relationship you share with your reseller host is long-term, so it is important to ensure that you are getting the best quality of hosting service and solutions. Therefore, it is important to opt for a reseller hosting service that has a good reputation in the market for the quality, resources, and cost of services it offers.

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Select your Domain Name and Build Your Website

What’s in the name? Apparently, a lot. A major chunk of business grows through word of mouth. So, in this case, your brand and domain name work as your invitation card. It needs to be unique but not so fancy that it is hard to remember. The right domain name can hook your customers for a long time, while a bad one can repel potential business. 

Companies invest significant resources in determining the best domain name for their brand. However, if you do not have these resources, you need not worry. We have some basic guidelines that can help you come up with the best domain name.

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The shorter your domain name, the better it is to remember. It should also be easy to type and pronounce, so avoid the use of numbers, hyphens and any unnecessary punctuation. Using .net or .com is preferable to using unique ones that open the door to making mistakes. It is highly possible that customers will automatically put .com at the end, which can lead them to the wrong page or show an error. It leads to loss of business that can be easily avoidable.

Use a domain name that can be branded. While you are allowed to change your domain name, it is not recommended to do so. It will result in loss of business plus the added resources you would have to employ to shift your business from one domain to another. Therefore, you should be extremely careful while choosing your name. Ensure that you love it dearly. You might have to live with it for the rest of your business.

Secure your domain after checking if it is trademarked. Moreover, try to introduce your keyword into your domain. If you are at a loss to come up with a name, you can always take the help of domain name generators. It can provide you with a number of options to choose from.

Offer Secure Payment Gateways

Ensuring safe and easy payment is one of the crucial pillars of an ecommerce website. The easier it’s to make transactions, the more appealing your website will be to the customer. The customer might not all have the same preferences when it comes to payment options. It is important to offer them varied options to ensure higher conversion rates. By making the checkout process simpler, your customers won’t desert their shopping cart at the last stage. Integrating a white label payment provider is a strategic move for reseller hosting businesses, enabling them to offer seamless and secure transaction experiences, which are essential for retaining customers and expanding service offerings in the competitive web hosting market.

The five factors you need to consider while deciding which gateway to employ on your site are security, cost, simplicity, use, and management. If your payment gateway options tick all five boxes, it is safe to offer them to your customers.

Install an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate uses code to keep your confidential data safe all around the world. Securing your data using SSL is important even if you might not be able to deal with the financial aspects of your website. Your data will have to go through several computers before finding its way onto the final server. Hence, if you want to avoid the middlemen from having access to your sensitive data, it is important to have an SSL certificate. It helps encrypt your data as it passes through all of these computers and allows access to it only from the final secure server. 

Availability of 24/7 Technical Support

Several things can suddenly go wrong with your website. Problems do not adhere to a timetable, so you need experts at the ready to help you solve your problems at any time of the day or night. Choosing a reseller host that provides technical support 24/7 is a necessity. Assistance should be available through different means of contact, such as email, Zoom, call, and more.

A 24/7 support system is one of the most important factors in reseller hosting since you and your clients can reside in diverse time zones.


Reseller hosting is an extremely affordable and reliable way to begin your web hosting business. These easy-to-follow guidelines can help you choose the best reseller hosting service, pick the perfect domain name, and build a thriving business.

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