Work opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a very vast field and it has many opportunities. The only thing you should be aware of is proper training and if needed you can also go for good Digital marketing training Institute for gaining some knowledge.

Below given is the list of opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing:-

Digital Marketing Manager

This is the highest position in the career of digital marketing if a person chooses to do a job in this field. A person can only achieve this position  who have a quality experience of 5 to 7 years in this field. This position is also comes with lots of responsibility. The work of a Digital Marketing Manager is to manage the whole team, Analyse the data, work on the strategies, plan the strategies for the company for the growth of the firm or agency, etc.

Social media executive or social media manager

The job of the social media manager or social media executive is to be updated with the trends on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. The Social media manager uses such kinds of trends to promote his or her company’s product or service to increase the sales of the company or firm. Every training institutes also provide information about the responsibilities of the social media manager and trains for it.

SEO executive

The role of the SEO executive is to find the meaningful keywords for the content that will be uploaded on the companies website through which it would appear on the SERP when searched through a search engine by using relevant words. The responsibilities of the SEO executive include working on branding projects so as to increase the sales of the company, create leads for the company, building bonds between the customer and the company so as to produce repetitive customers, and last but not least creating traffic on the website.

Content writing manager

The role of the content writing manager is to choose the topics on which the blogs or the content would be written and later posted on the website. The content writing manager is also responsible for all the content to be uploaded on the website of the agency or the company. The editing, proofreading, and publishing of the content are also done by the content writing manager. He or she also coordinates with the SEO executive. The content writing manager also takes care that relevant pictures to be added to the blog or content.

Content writer

The role of a content writer is to write various content on various topics about the product or services of the company which he or she would upload later on the official website of the agency for whom he or she is working. It is the responsibility of content writer to write various content like blogs, articles, and sometimes useful descriptions of the product if needed provided that the blog, article, or product description should be attractive and due to which the sales of the company or the firm should increase.

Inbound marketing manager

The responsibilities of the inbound marketing manager include creating sales for the company, generating the leads for the company, and also planning the strategies to create more financial profit for the agency or firm. The training for the post of Inbound marketing manager is given in many private Institutes or companies by itself. The inbound marketing manager is also responsible for generating or creating traffic on the website of the company. Inbound marketing manager coordinates with the sales team in order to reach the target of the sales decided by the company. This is the role of an inbound marketing manager.

Inbound marketing manager


Earlier when people used to follow Digital marketing, at that time it was impossible for the marketing people to track the exact number of people who viewed their advertisement and track the audiences with an interest in their product or service. But as of now talking about digital marketing, we are able to track the exact number of the audiences who viewed the advertisement and how many people are interested in buying the product or service provided.

The role of analyst includes analyzing the data provided to him through digital platform in order to increase sales of the firm or agency and generate leads for the company and also planning the strategies for the company to increase traffic on the company’s website.

 PPC Expert

In traditional marketing, the marketing agencies used to advertise their product or service in the newspaper or television, and the people interested in buying the product or service had to enter the agency or firm or contact them.  Through digital marketing, it has become simpler for the people to advertise the product or service on the relevant mobile applications through which they can track suitable people for the product or service to be sold and if the buyer is interested in buying the product he or she can directly click on the ads and proceed further.

The role of a PPC expert includes uploading the ads of the product on relevant websites or mobile applications through which the marketing people can increase the sales of the firm and can increase the traffic on the website.


In order to create traffic on the online platform of the agency or firm, it is very important for the company that the online platform should be attractive and sometimes entertaining. One can upload attractive videos on YouTube and as the number of views and subscribers increases then the company can advertise their product and the interested public can buy from YouTube itself. The role of the videographer includes creating and editing some attractive videos for the company in order to create traffic on the website.


By going through the above posts or designations it is clear that Digital Marketing is a very vast field and contains many opportunities for people. It is not only limited by the above 9 posts mentioned, it also includes designations like website content writer, advertising expert,  graphic designer, CRM manager, Email marketing manager, and many more. Also there is a bright and non ending future in it.

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