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No matter the xresolver platform, diving deep into the gaming community does not always goes as planned. If in case you are a player on platforms other than PC, you will get trolled, teabagged, and sometimes banned, depending on how much of a Toxic player you encounter in-game. It is very common for PC players to blame console players for an in-built aim-assist feature, thanks to their controller. Usage of cheats is also seen to have a spike regardless of the effort put in by the Devs to implement a functional Anti-cheat. Players with a ton of toxicity tend to make their opponents give hell after their time is over in-game, and they often resort to doing anything to make their eliminator not log out in peace.

It may be challenging to overcome such a handful of players with this level of toxicity in their character. At this point, when your IP can be traced or sniffed out no matter how safe the game’s security features are, as they are just too good to be true. When facing such incidents, platforms like Xresolver have got everything covered. These platforms guide you to sniff IP based on a player’s Gamertag for multiple gaming platforms like Computer Gaming, Sony’s PlayStation, and Microsoft’s Xbox can use Xresolver to help you with the player’s IP address with the help of gamer tags. Xresolver can not only sniff out or trace IP based on the player’s tag, but they also offer services to save you from being a victim of the same incident.

To get more in-depth features and services, we’ll have to dive deeper into what Xresolvers is, so buckle up! It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Why is the platform Xresolver witnessing hype in the current trends?

It can be seen in plenty of gamers, them being more often using Xresolver to get their hands on their counterpart’s IP address from such platform; in particular, the major reason for this case because Xreolver is a top-rated site in the segment, making it renowned throughout the internet, as per source, it was recorded to make a huge leap for April 2023.

Dishing out suggestions to Opt for platforms other than Xresolver.


  • One of the biggest names with the same technological traits as Xresolver is OctoSniff, which works on nearly the same fundamentals as the Xresolver platform.
  • The platforms covered by the OctoSniff are Xbox(360, One, Series X), PlayStation (PS4, PS5), and Windows.
  • Like the Xresolver, it comes with a built-in GeoIP facet helping to locate a system associated with inputted IP credentials; in the form of output, it gives the latitude-longitude of that system wherever it is present.
  • On the brighter side, opting OctoSniff platform ought to result in being  100% Malware free.


  • PSN in the name suggests Sony’s Console Network. 
  • Furthermore, the name makes everything clear as a crystal for us, and it is completely based on console users, specifically the PlayStation users who, in Exclusivity, have only access to the PlayStation Network. 
  • It takes in a similar input as that of the Xresolver the same way it takes gamer tags and returns IP associated with that particular gamer tag.
  • PSN can do one thing over Xreolver. It can take the gamer tag as input and returns their IP as output and vice-versa.


  • A professionally used platform that helps ingress packets across the internet.
  • The term Packets denote a set of information. 
  • It features the same GeoIP, which is the same as Xresolver.
  •  Above all, Wireshark has a winning edge over Xresolver because it can also track any transactions related to the inputted internet protocol address. 
  • Wireshark is majorly used by public security services to locate scams along with unlawful transactions.
  •  However, Wireshark being an open-source information pack analyzer, comes with a built-in set of tutorials to guide you through and get going.


  • One biggest names in IP sniffers platforms alongside Xresolver, offering their services to gaming giants on console platforms, namely Microsoft’s XBOX and Sony’s PlayStation.
  • This platform can also allow access through your computer for it to sniff or track an IP linked with a gamer tag.
  • LANC has jumped quite far in terms of its ranking by covering over 3000+ rankings for its category.
  • It also offers a tool that helps its user access the VPN to ensure their privacy and security in case of any IP pulls.

Psycho Coding

  • It is also an IP sniffing platform, particularly at the disposal of Microsoft’s console users, and lets you access gamer data for the same. 
  • It can also help access the gamer’s info. 
  • It’s key feature offers services to access VPNs in 10 different locations around the globe, i.e., 
  1. Hillsboro 
  2. Chicago
  3. Phoenix
  4. Canada
  5. France 
  6. Germany
  7. Amsterdam
  8. London
  9. Eyglshoven
  10. Singapore 

PS4 Booter

  • As the name suggests, an exclusive PlayStation-only platform that provides solutions for your Sony Console.
  • Apart from traits similar to Xresolver, It also provides Jailbreak with consistent updates relevant to it.
  • This Booter proffers services for booting offline players, offering traffics distribution to accomplish the same.
  • It offers an IP puller and an IP grabber to sniff PlayStation IP address from the console or grab IP by taking the help of a Logger or Monitoring app that is linked to the console.

Frequently Asked Questions Based on Xresolver.

Is Xreolver providing services for Nintendo Switch?

 No, as for the time being, there is no such development on the Xresolver website going on. Services currently provided are for the following platforms:-

  1. PC
  2. PlayStation
  3. Xbox

Is it Illegal activity to access the Xresolver Site?

No, it is not an illegal site to access, as all the pieces of data relevant to the site are public, which makes it a legal platform to gain surf without fearing any authorities.

Is the Xresolver website Paid site?

No, it is not a paid site. But, to gain a ticket to use the premium features that are inclined to be top of the line, a paid subscription is available to avail your ticket to the same.

Can we get access to the matched player’s IP?

Yes, to access the player’s IP, you will need their gamer tag to do the same.

Is it possible to track an IP with VPN?

Yes, it is possible to track someone’s IP while you are using a VPN, as the main reason behind using it is to make your connection secure by varying your location and device to different regions in the world, depending on your access point.


Taking it all to a close, we explored the various alternatives for Xresolver and witnessed that they are inclined to share some of their traits to sort all of them into one category of IP sniffing and tracking. The most eye-catching feature that deserves to be put thought into is the GeoIP feature, as it can reveal the location of the IP that is associated with the system used by the individual as long as he/she is not connected to a VPN and this can be done in both the ways. All of these might sound illegal, but in the end, it is all the public data that was put on by the public and is used for the public’s interest.

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