What is Alt Text ? 

Alt-text is text that appears when an image is inserted into a web page. It is meant to describe the image and provide additional information about it.

Alt Text is widespread across the internet, with companies like Facebook and Google using it on their websites. It can be used for any objective, from explaining an image's content to giving users instructions about what they should do next.

Alt-text is a type of metadata that helps search engines and other software understand what's in the image or video, its meaning, how to interact with it, and more.


How do you add alt text in HTML?

Ans: "The alt text is the textual alternative to the text itself. It provides additional information about the contents of a web page, such as a URL, a title or an image." Alt-text is a text displayed before the image on an HTML page. It can give additional information about an image or a link.

How do you add alt text to an image in CSS?

Ans: The most common way of adding alt text is by using CSS classes like: "img-alt" and "img-alt-text." But that's not all! You can also use JavaScript and CSS3 features like hover or:first-child to add alt text on images when they are hovered over or first clicked. This is done by adding these properties to the img tag:

Is Alt Text good for SEO?

Ans: Many SEO companies advocate for alt text because of its importance in search engines like Google and Bing, but some say it does not matter. The main reason for this is that alt text can be easily removed from most websites with just one click. However, some still think that it could be useful if used properly and in combination with other on-page optimization strategies like meta keywords or title tags. But most of them don’t use alt texts.

What is the main purpose of Alt Text? 

Ans: The primary purpose of alt text is to make the content more readable and accessible. It has become so common that many web admins do not even bother to include it in their websites anymore. Alt text is also critical for blind people who rely on screen readers, as these tools will read the alt text aloud, explaining the meaning of the image. You can test whether images are missing alt text by using a free web accessibility tester.