What is Product Range ?

The product range is a significant part of the marketing strategy. It is the set of products that a company offers to its customers.

The product range should have an efficient and smooth flow from low-end to high-end. The customer should be able to see all products in the range and understand which one suits them best.

It may be challenging for a company to decide on the best product range for their business model and target market, especially when they have more than one type of customer.

Frequently Asked Questions For Product Range

What is product range analysis?

Product range analysis is the process of determining the product range of a product. It involves determining the number and types of products that a company has, their sizes and locations, and their prices and margins.

What are the types of product range?

The product range is the most crucial concept for product marketers. It defines what kind of products a company sells and how they are categorized.
There are two types of product range:
1. Product range with a single product and its price
2. Product range with multiple products with their prices

What is the benefit of the product range?

The product range is the part of a product that defines its features and benefits. It helps the customer to make an informed decision when buying a product.