What is Robots.txt ? 

Robots.txt is a text file that restricts access to a website by specifying which domains are allowed to crawl the site and which are not.

Robots.txt is a text file that contains instructions for web robots, such as search engine crawlers and indexing bots, on how to access your website.

Although it is not a tool that is commonly used today, it can be helpful in the future when robots start to be more prevalent in our lives.

A robots.txt file can help you with SEO as it allows search engine bots to access your website without getting blocked by any of your other files or folders that you may have set up on the server.

Frequently Asked Questions For Robots.txt

What is a robots txt file used for?

A robot's text file is a text file that contains text that a computer program has generated. It is used to create content for the website or application.

What should I allow in robots txt?

Robots' txt is a text format that machines can understand. It is used to write content for websites, blogs, and other digital applications. Robots txt are text files that contain rules around what should be allowed and what shouldn't be allowed in this particular text format.

Where do I put robots txt files?

A text file is a file that contains textual information. A text file can be either plain text or an XML document. Sometimes, a text file is used to store notes and other information like voice recordings, email messages, or images. There are two types of files that you can use to keep your notes: plain text and XML documents.