What is UTM Tracking Code ? 

UTM Tracking code is a standard URL parameter that helps track where your website visitors come from. It is a feature of Google Analytics which helps you understand the source of your traffic, helping you decide where to focus your marketing efforts.

It can also be used by other companies who have a presence on Google or Bing. It can be used on websites, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, etc.

UTM tracking codes are used to track the online marketing campaign performance. They consist of a unique code generated for each visitor when they arrive on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions For UTM Tracking Code

How do I track UTM parameters?

UTM parameters are numbers that you can track to see where your visitors came from. In addition, they give you information about how your content performs on social media, search engines, and other channels. You will need a tool that supports UTM tracking to track these parameters. Many tools are available, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Kissmetrics.

What is the use of UTM tracking parameters?

The UTM parameters are used to track the performance of a campaign or content piece. You can use UTM parameters to see which keywords and terms have brought traffic to your content.

What is a UTM example?

A UTM example is a URL parameter used by an advertiser to track the performance of their campaign. For example, the URL parameters are used to collect data about the number of clicks generated by each post or ad and the number of conversions.
UTM examples are used for tracking purposes only. They do not provide any targeting capabilities such as demographic information or location. An example would be "example.com/article-name." This is the URL we will use to track our article's performance.