Top 10 Video Editing Software You Can Use with Ease

Professional editors should invest in the best video editing software, as well as YouTubers hoping to make it big. If you just want to make sure the footage you share online looks better, there is simple software available to make it look slick.

What is a Video Editing Software?

A program that we can use to edit, generate, manipulate or modify a video or a movie is video editing software. With the help of video editing software, you can do lots of things. For example, you can use it to remove the sections of a video. You can also use it to cut and arrange different parts of the video. To enhance the quality of the videos, you can also add different effects to the videos. As we know that content is king from the SEO point of view. By using software, we can also create eye-catching videos.

If you want to make videos more thrilling, you can also add music to the videos. You can also change the order of different parts of the videos. Here, we will discuss top video editing software.

Vmaker AI

Vmaker AI video editor is an advanced online video editing software with Artificial Intelligence. Once you upload your raw footage and select the visual enhancements or elements you want to add to your video, such as subtitles, b-rolls, background music, text animations, etc., Vmaker AI will automatically add them for you.

Additionally, Vmaker AI generates subtitles in 35+ languages and translates them into 100+ languages. You can also customize the subtitles’ color, font, size, and style to your liking.

Key features include an AI video background remover, an AI highlights generator, a long-form to shorts video converter, an open library of Viral Styles, and advanced editing suites like Cut, Trim, Merge, Resize, Reverse, playback speed, color correction, and other timeline-based editing features.

You can use it for free with a watermark. Premium plans start at $24 per month.


Say your goodbyes to complex video editing and hello to a simple all-in-one online video editing. VEED is used by content creators, influencers, and small business owners around the world in producing amazing visual content to build their social media presence. There’s no need to download any software. With its ecosystem, you can add subtitles to your video to promote your brand to a wider audience and tie your online content together and build a coherent, consistent presence with all VEED’s features.

Projects under 10 minutes are completely FREE. While a Basic plan costs $12/month and Pro with $24/month.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

As a video editor, if you are looking for video editing software to enhance your work, it is the best software for you. By using this software, you can convert the raw footage to amazing video products. In the Adobe Premiere Pro, you can avail different features. By using these features, you can unleash your creativity. You can also integrate this software with other products of Adobe. As a result, you can add more effects to your videos. When you will use this software, you can work smoothly. While working smoothly, you can create appealing and creative videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro will provide lots of features to the users. First of all, you can get access to the stock audio library of this software. Here, you can find hundreds of audio files to use in your videos. Secondly, it is providing an opportunity to create and share stories in VR 180. Thirdly, for the acceleration of the workflow, it is also offering automatic reframing of the video. Fourthly, it is also allowing the users to synchronize the audio and video files.

If you want to test this software, you can use its trial version. Anyhow, if you like it, you can easily buy it by paying $20.99/month.

Movavi Video Suite:

It is a powerful video editing and processing software that has amazing filters, effects and handy modalities. By using these filters, effects and modalities, the video editors can streamline the video editing process. This video editing software has a built-in stabilization feature. By using this feature, you can reduce the shaky effects in the videos. That’s why it is the perfect video editing software if you want to edit a travel video. It is also allowing the video editors to manipulate various effects of the videos.

After installing this YouTube video editing software, you can find learning videos. After watching these learning videos, you can add amazing effects to your videos. It is also offering some extra applications. You can add these applications based on your skill level and needs. If you want to use stock content in the videos, you can also find a huge amount of stock content.

If you want to ensure the availability of your work all the time, it allows you to save it on the cloud. It is also providing a feature of DVD Burner to the users. To buy Movavi Video Suite, you will have to pay $79.95.

Final Cut Pro X:

According to an essay writing service, it is the product of Apple and it is the best video editing software for professional editors. The video editors can also run this software on the world’s fastest Mac. It will provide comprehensive tools to the users. It means that you will find everything that you want for video editing. It is offering a subscription-free plan for video editors. It means that if you want to use this software, you will have to pay once. It is offering an accelerated performance feature to the users.

By using this feature, you can dramatically render and export the videos. The users can also get access to multi-cam. By using it, they can shoot videos from different angles. To buy its premium plan, you will have to pay $299.99.

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Filmora X:

Filmora X is the product of Wondershare. It is elegant YouTube video editing software that you can use to edit videos. It is also allowing the video editors to make these videos unique by using their technical skills. When you will use the simple interface of this video editing software, you can easily add different effects. You can also add moving titles in the videos. It has become the best tool for YouTube videos. By using its 100 media layers, the users can easily craft complex stories.

While editing videos, if you will find noise, you can also remove it. After editing videos, it is also offering easy sharing to the users. To buy its complete plan, you will have to pay $99.87/year.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate:

If you want to edit and produce videos by using hundreds of drag and drop tools, it is the best software for you. It is also offering some standard video editing features to the users. In these features, there comes colour grading, video masking and stabilization etc. When you will use its intuitive tools, you can create videos that will inspire others. If you are a fan of Corel illustration, it is also the best video editing software for you. This software has a clear and visual interface.

By using this interface, you can easily work on the video editing process. It will offer these features at a low price.


It is online video editing tool that you can use to create custom content. After creating the custom content, you can easily share it on other platforms. The video editors can use this tool to create videos by using images, text boxes, voice over and much more. It is also allowing video editors to record videos in various languages. If you have a blog and you want to promote it, you can also use this tool. By using this tool, you can easily convert the text into images.

For the smooth flow of the videos, the video editors can also add transitions and animations. They can also trim and resize the videos. To buy its basic plan, you will have to pay $15/month.

CyberLink PowerDirector 365:

If you want to instantly edit and share videos by using YouTube video editing software, you can use CyberLink PowerDirector 365. By using this software, you can easily set objects in motion. You can also transform the location scenes of the videos. If you want to create artistic scenes in your videos, you can use its Mask & Blend tool. By using its keyframing feature, you can add animated effects to the videos. If you want to remove the background of the videos and want to create Hollywood style effects, you can use its green screen feature.

As a video editor, if you want to elevate the footage, you can add text and graphics by using a motion tracking tool. To buy it, you will have to pay $69.99/year.

Pinnacle Studio:

If you are a beginner and you have not edited videos before, you can make use of this best YouTube video editing software. It is offering almost 1,500 effects at a quite reasonable price. It is also offering titles and frames for HD video editing. First of all, you should try to buy its basic plan. If you will like its basic plan, you can upgrade it. It is offering an enhanced timeline editing feature to the users. By using this feature, you can easily edit the videos in the 4K to HD formats. To streamline the workplace, it is offering a customizable workplace to the users.

For the precise editing of the videos, you can use its precise editing feature. To buy its basic plan, you will have to pay $49.95.

Vegas Pro 365:

If you are looking for the best video editing software to start your video editing journey even if you are working with a dissertation writing service, you should select Vegas Pro 365. It is offering low-cost subscription plans to beginners. In the beginning, you can easily afford these subscription plans. When you will buy its premium plan, you can also take part in its online training session. In this online training session, they will teach how to edit videos in the quickest time possible. For the optimization of the video sound, it is offering lots of features to the users.

Along with using its online, you can also use it offline. If you want to make videos more creative, you can use its auto white feature. To buy its premium plan, you will have to pay $19.95/month.


If you want to edit and create YouTube videos, it is the best video editing software for you. By using this software, you can make everything from video tutorials to promos. When you will use this software, you can easily handle all kinds of video editing tasks. To make it easier for the users, it is offering a drag and drop feature to the users. If you want to create versatile videos, you can use its video templates. In the stock library of this tool, you can easily get access to millions of images, video and audio tracks.

You can get started video editing task with its free version. After that, you can buy its premium plan just within $33/month.


Video editing software are necessary to use when you have to make your video more creative after editing. No matter if you want to make a video for your YouTube channel or for marketing propose, these software are important. Although there are some free software available but they are with limited features. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a best software that may not only fit with your budget but can also provide you those features that you need.

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