Best Ways to Download Embedded Videos For Free

The digital platform has evolved a lot and nowadays, we are not limited to just a couple of options (eg. Embedded videos). You should know that the influx of the digital era has given us many gifts and this is why we have been able to come so far in the race of human evolution and technological evolution.

Gone are those days when the internet was still a new kid on the block as nowadays, the internet has penetrated almost all the corners of the world and this is one the main reasons why people have been looking for different ways to use the internet and make the most of the internet.

When it comes to browsing the internet then there is no way you can ignore the power of videos. Well, if you will go by the trend and look at the most consumed type of content then you will be able to find out that videos are the most consumed type of content all over the internet. We are consuming videos at a much faster rate than ever before and since humans are able to memorize visuals thousands of times better than text, the increasing consumption of videos is expected to keep on increasing with time.

Well, if you have been browsing videos for a very long time then there are maximum chances that you must have been looking forward to downloading embedded videos as most of the people using the internet do so. Even in the era of cloud computing, we haven’t completely abandoned the practice of downloading stuff from the internet and this is why we have come up with this blog post.

If you have been facing issues related to the downloading of embedded videos then you have come to the right place as in this blog post. We are going to discuss how you can download embedded videos without any issues.

But before knowing about how to download embedded videos, it is very important to know what embedded videos actually are.

What are embedded videos?

All the different types of videos that are self-hosted or built on the web page like HTML5 are known as embedded videos. These types of videos allow you to host the video at another location like blogs, articles, and much more. This means that the user can watch all those videos without going to the original page on which the video was uploaded.

Here are the 7 ways through which you can download embedded videos without any hassle.

Direct download from the site

This is surely one of the easiest ways of downloading embedded videos and even those people who have never downloaded a video from the internet can use this method without any hassle. But you should also know that there are only particular types of videos that you can download directly from the site.

You will just have to follow the below mentioned steps in order to download embedded videos directly from the website.

  • First of all, you will have to right-click on the video and then click on Save videos as
  • After that, you will have to choose a downloading location on your computer where the video will be saved.
  • Finally, you just have to click on Enter and hit the Save button to download the file.

With free video downloader

If you are not able to download embedded videos directly from the website then you don’t need to worry as there are many other ways to download such types of videos without any issue. One such method that you can use to download the embedded videos is through free downloads.

One of the best parts about this type of downloading method is you get the option to download HD quality videos along with the embedded videos. You will just have to download a free video downloader as there are many options in the market. do you want to convert your video use best converter video online.

Using the browser

You will be surprised to know that in many cases, you don’t need anything else than your browser to download embedded videos. Many people just rely on their browser for downloading embedded videos and it works really well. But instead of relying on any browser, you should always prefer ideal browsers like Chrome and Firefox for downloading embedded videos.

In order to download videos through your browser, you have to first play the video in the browser and then click on the F12 shortcut key. Now, you will be taken to the inspect page where you have to click on the Media tab from the Network option. Now click on F5, play the video again, right-click on the video, play in another tab and finally click on download and choose to Save video as.

Through browser extension

This is also a simple step that you can choose for downloading videos and you just need a browser extension for downloading embedded videos. Just follow these steps for downloading embedded videos through a browser extension

  • Add video DownloaderHelper extension on your browser
  • Now click on the video DownloaderHelper icon and click on the quick download option

By taking help from online services

If you are looking forward to an efficient way to download embedded videos then you should take help from different types of online services. Well, using these online services is a breeze and it allows you to download videos without any issue. Although there are many online services from where you can download videos, you should use Fetch File.

Just open the fetchfile and then copy paste the URL in the URL section. After that, you have to click on the Download video section. After that, choose the preferred video resolution and the video will get downloaded without any issue.

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Browser developer tool

This is also an effective way for downloading your favorite embedded videos and the best part about this method is it allows you to download videos quickly. Follow the below mentioned steps for downloading embedded video through the browser developer tool;

  • Right click on the web page where the video is
  • Now, choose the view page information option
  • Hover to the media tab
  • Find the address of the video type
  • Use the copy paste option for using the link in the new tab
  • Finally, just right click on the player for saving the video

Video command line program

This is the last method that we are going to mention in this blog post but this doesn’t mean that this method is any less effective than what we have listed above. You should know that it is basically a type of command line program rather than a browser extension. Although it is not that easy to use, the best part about it is that it is easily manageable and it is a powerful method as well.

There are many ways you can download embedded videos as the market is inundated with a long list of options. And there is nothing like the best option out there since every option available on the internet and mentioned in this blog post has its own advantages and drawbacks. You will just have to find the option that suits your needs.

Concluding Note

People have been enjoying the video content with utmost fascination, and they are consuming the internet content in the video format. Downloading videos can be problematic for users who are keen on engaging with various videos but don’t know how to download the videos. The different ways mentioned herewith can be beneficial for downloading the embedded videos that too free of cost, and all the methods are relevant and easy to use.

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