Gramhir (Gramho) Alternatives

Do you find it difficult to analyse your Instagram account? Gramho will make Instagram exploration and maintenance a breeze. If you’ve just learned about this free tool and are curious about how it operates, read on. Then you should read this blog.

Are you sick of wasting hours requesting information about your Instagram account? To poke about must be irritating. Every app, it is clear, has a manual approach to seeing details, and doing so every day is exhausting.

The amount of work done by people has significantly decreased as new innovations are released every day in their hundreds. Gramho is very important in taking over the work of active bees. With the help of its sophisticated third-party tools, Gramho extracts and incorporates public Instagram accounts.

What Is Gramho And Its Main Features?

A profile analyzer for both Instagram and non-Instagram profiles is called Gramho. It is simple to locate influential followers, profiles, and post likes. Whether you want to learn more about one of your followers, a famous individual, or a popular personality. This website makes it simple to learn about the profile without spending any money.

Another distinctive feature of gives you access to private data. Simply enter multiple usernames in the provided tab to complete the task. You will be able to see interactions, impressions, and postings between the various profiles after entering the list of usernames.

Additionally, it makes statistical analysis simple. In comparison to, the statistics provided by the Instagram app are quite generic.


Benefits of Gramho

gramho images

Individual Statistics

As previously mentioned, Gramho tools facilitate statistical analysis by providing information on the following;

  • The average number of likes for each post (Instagram lacks this option)
  • Accounting fees
  • the elapsed time between posts
  • Observations per post
  • Text, hashtags, captions, and videos or images can all be edited in posts.

The Instagram App does not have all of the aforementioned functions set up. They omit the averages and simply display the total or per-post likes it comments. The time-lapse feature is also absent from the app for the recipient’s account. The aforementioned components might all be utilized to review someone else’s profile.

Simple And Time-Saving 

Analyzing the opinions of your favorite publication or celebrity takes a lot of time. However, only needs a few seconds to give you all the information. Additionally, it was accessible from both PCs and cell phones.

100% Free

The use of each feature and tool is free. There is no requirement to disclose any information about your wallet or credit card.

Edit Photos And Videos

The Gramho camera is comparable to any other smartphone camera. To personalize your photographs, it also has extra tools and effects like stickers, inscriptions, memes, and more. The software syncs with active apps’ storage services, and users may also save altered photos to Gallery.

The website allowed users to post the images on any social media app. On PCs, editing filters and functions are also accessible.

Predict Followers And Likes

You can use it to estimate the total amount of likes, followers, and comments your most recent post may receive.

Downloading Stories, Posts (Images and Videos)

This website also features a unique mechanism that allows users to download Reels, articles, and submit images and videos by simply hitting the download button.

Anonymously Gramho Browsing

This website has a unique function that may be referred to as a stalker feature. Without revealing your identity, you may look up any profile’s followers, location, posts, and stories by entering any username or hashtag. A downloading tool is also included with this capability.

Analyze Account 

One can examine and contrast their account insights with the profile of their competition. Content producers and company promoters may benefit from this. They might research the profiles of their competitors and work hard to outperform them.

How to use Gramho?

gramho image

To access the tools, go to instead of Gramho by using the new URL. It only requires a few simple directions, so using it is easy. Use the detailed instructions below to use it effectively.

  • Open Google
  • Type the name of the website
  • Click on to open the website 
  • Paste the desired hashtag or profile username to observe its insights. 
  • Click on the hashtag or profile you want to analyze after a list of profiles comes out. 
  • The statistics will appear at the top of the page after you click on one of them. 
  • Click on any post of your choice.
  • To download the pictures or videos, click on the download button. 
  • Tap on the icon with the blue arrow to watch the Instagram stories. 
  • You can download stories, videos, and photographs as you like. 

Why Is Gramho The Most Popular Among Instagram Editors And Users?

gramho image

There are numerous websites and programs for modifying social media posts. However, one of them outshines the others by a wide margin. The most well-liked website among social media editors and users is It is easier to use and has more options. As a result, it is a better and more profitable website.

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Best Gramhir (Formerly Gramho) Alternatives

1. Inflact


Inflact is the most effective substitute for Gramhir. Compared to Gramhir, it provides a significantly wider range of information and statistics.

Create a username first. The account’s amount of posts, followers, and average user activity are the first things you’ll observe.

An indicator of how popular a profile actually is and how much real engagement it receives is average user activity. A profile may have a large number of purchased phoney followers if there is little human activity on it.

Additionally, it displays the typical amount of posts that are published by the account each day, week, and month. Additionally, you can observe how those indicators have changed from one month to the next.

First, create a username. The first things you’ll notice about the account are the number of posts, followers, and average user activity.

Average user activity is a sign of a profile’s true popularity and the level of real engagement it receives. If there is little human activity on a profile, it may have a big number of bought fake followers.

It also shows the typical number of posts the account typically publishes each day, week, and month. The evolution of such indicators from one month to the next may also be seen.

The ideal posting period, however, depends on your niche and target market. Checking what popular influencers in your niche are doing and when they post is, therefore, very helpful.

If your niche is related to that of the profile’s previous 100 posts, you can duplicate the top words it used in its captions. The user’s top interests are also displayed based on matches between their captions and post descriptions.

View the user’s posts with the most comments by scrolling down. You can then observe which posts generate the most interest and engagement.

The Instagram Story Viewer on Inflact displays stories in real-time. Additionally, each story has a download button underneath it.

No option exists on Instagram itself to download stories. Additionally, if you view someone else’s tale, they will be able to see that you have done so.

The technology from Inflact enables anonymous story downloads and story viewing.

To find profiles, use the User Search feature. You can type in details like:

  • A keyword
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL

Then, the program will provide pertinent profiles from companies and regular people. Results can be filtered by the number of posts, number of followers, gender, location, and category.

If you’re attempting to conduct research and locate the most well-known influencers in a particular niche, the User Search tool may be helpful. Then, you can examine each profile separately.

2. Path Social


You may investigate any Instagram account using the free Instagram investigation tool offered by Path Social. It provides additional insights that Gramhir does not, as well as basic statistics like the number of followers and uploads the account has.

For instance, it displays the most popular hashtags and description words used by the account, which you may replicate and apply to get comparable interaction rates. Additionally, it displays the peak posting period for the profile.

You can even view a graph provided by Path Social that displays how many posts each account publishes over the course of a week.

In addition, Path Social features a number of additional tools that make it more practical than Gramhir. While its Fonts Generator enables you to select from more than 100 font styles to use on your Instagram to stand out, be distinctive, and attract people’s attention, the Instagram Viewer enables you to browse a profile in an incognito manner.

Finally, its free hashtag-generating and analysis tool is one of the most helpful tools. Just type a hashtag to learn:

  • how many Instagram posts currently use the hashtag
  • The frequency of brand-new posts with the hashtag
  • The likelihood of using that hashtag and appearing at the top of the Discovery page, on a scale of 1-100.
  • An illustration of the new post activity
  • Hashtags that are related and can be used to increase engagement

3. Bigbanggram


You may examine and contrast various Instagram profiles with Bigbanggram’s free Instagram analyzer tool. Along with graphs demonstrating how the account’s typical number of daily and weekly posts has evolved over time, you can see how many posts they publish each day and each week.

Additionally, you can view the days of the week and the time of day when they publish the most posts. The top hashtags, description words, and interests of the Instagram account you are studying are displayed below that.

The program also displays the posts that have received the most likes and comments (based on the last 100 posts).

4. Toolzu


Gramho has yet another excellent substitute in Toolzu. Visit any profile to view the information below:

  • Number of uploads
  • Number of followers
  • Engagement and user activity
  • Number of posts based on weekday and time
  • Most popular post day
  • Most used hashtags
  • Most used words in captions
  • Top user interests
  • Top commented posts
  • Top liked posts

Toolzu, which has more than 10 metrics, will provide you with more information about a user’s profile than Gramhir, which only provides a little more data than what you would receive from utilising Instagram alone.

Other tools on Toolzu can help you expand your Instagram following. For instance, the hashtag generator is really useful for identifying relevant hashtags to use.

One of my favourite features of Toolzu’s hashtag generator is that you can use a keyword, a website or blog post URL, or even a picture to generate terms. When you upload a photo, the tool analyses it and suggests hashtags for you.

In addition to providing you with a list of suggested hashtags, the Hashtag Generator also provides you with information about each one’s ranking difficulty score (low, medium, or high) and volume, enabling you to determine its level of popularity and whether it is worthwhile to use that particular hashtag.

Additionally, Toozlu keeps track of the top 100 Instagram hashtags for each industry. However, it advises you to use no more than 2-3 in your posts.

That’s because they frequently utilise generic hashtags rather than industry-specific ones. Even if people did follow or search for certain hashtags, it would be difficult to rank for them or find the relevant audience.

Additionally, there is a list of the top hashtags used to increase likes, including #like4like and #follow4like.

Another great resource is Toolzu’s Instagram Downloader. You have the option to save whole profiles as well as images, videos, stories, IGTV reels, and other content.

The search feature helps you to locate the best profiles in particular topics. You can filter results using a keyword, a category, a follower count (minimum and maximum), and a gender.

Since the majority of Instagram users access the platform through their mobile devices, Toolzu offers a mobile app that you can use to create hashtags.

5. Sweetagram


An excellent substitute for Gramho’s Instagram analysis tool is Sweetagram. One feature that really appeals to me is the Editor’s Groupings, which are collections of the best profiles in many categories, including:

  • Brands
  • Celebrities
  • Comedians
  • Science
  • Fashion
  • Wildlife
  • Kids
  • Animals

Yes, it even includes the most prominent animal profiles, namely those of dogs, cats, and other pets. It helps to observe what the most popular animal profiles are doing if you want to develop a successful Instagram account for your dog, cat, ferret, lizard, or another animal.

The same rules apply if you want to launch your own comedic brand or create an Instagram account for your child.

You can, however, also input the individual profile that you want to eavesdrop on. You’ll see their most recent posts and captions, along with their most popular hashtags.

You can look for the top profiles that rank for a particular hashtag using the hashtag search function on Sweetagram.

6. Social Monitor

Social Monitor

Gramhir’s Instagram profile analyzer is significantly less sophisticated than the one on Social Monitor. Although you must register and set up an account, you will receive a number of free credits.

For each profile, the program creates a report with the following information:

  • Average likes/comments/engagement rate
  • a timeline graph displaying the profile’s increase in followers over time (you can select your own date range)
  • Another historical graph, this one displaying information regarding the number of accounts the profile is following.
  • A graph of 15 recent account snapshots, each with the date, the number of followers and uploads the account had on that day, and the number of followers the account has gained from the previous picture
  • a timeline graph displaying the engagement rate of the profile over time
  • Based on previous historical data, predictions of the number of followers and posts the account will have in the upcoming 30 days, 60 days, three months, six months, etc. (up to two years).
  • top citations
  • prime hashtags
  • Based on follower numbers and how the particular profile in question compares to the average for its following range, average engagement rates throughout Instagram are calculated.
  • A rundown of the most recent 10 posts, along with dates, captions, likes, and comments
  • a graph of recent posts’ likes, comments, and caption word counts over time

That’s a lot of information, as you can see! In addition, you may download the whole report as a PDF.

Additionally, you can follow profiles and receive automated reports through email each month.

The comparison analysis tool is yet another helpful tool that Social Monitor offers that Gramhir and the majority of other programs do not. Despite having fewer metrics than the standard analysis tool, it enables you to evaluate two distinct profiles side by side.

It allows you to compare the following metrics:

  • Engagement rate
  • Average likes
  • Average comments

Additionally, it features historical graphs displaying the evolution of the two profiles’ follower counts and engagement rates.

You can conduct analysis on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter profiles in addition to Instagram.

Top Instagram influencers are listed in a directory kept up by Social Monitor. The number of followers, interaction, bio keywords, and other criteria can be used to filter them.

Overall, Social Monitor is a really helpful tool for monitoring your Instagram data as well as competitors. You can access all of your reports from your dashboard, allowing you to perform both actions.

The drawback is that it isn’t free, though. Even though you first receive three credits, those are only valid for three reports.

Fortunately, if you only want to analyze your own Instagram profile, the free account is good enough.

7. inBeat


With inBeat’s Fake Follower Checker, you may examine a profile’s account. However, it also shows information like total followers, average likes, comments-to-likes ratio, and more, just like Gramhir.

The program evaluates the followers on the profile and estimates how many of them are genuine and how many are false. For instance, just about 44% of Kim Kardashian’s followers are reportedly actual, with the remaining 187.7 million coming from dormant accounts.

It is common knowledge that a lot of influencers purchase phony followers to increase their popularity and follower count.

Additionally, the tool provides you with an audience score based on your overall interaction, likes, and comments as well as how they differ from industry norms. With a mere 4.4 out of 10, Kim Kardashian’s audience isn’t really interacting with her posts, maybe because the majority of her followers are likely phony.

How does this knowledge benefit you? First off, you should make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and aren’t paying more for an account that has a lot of phony followers if you’re planning on using influencer marketing campaigns to improve your exposure.

Additionally, it gives you a better understanding of which rivals are actually worth replicating.

Consider that you are looking into what your rivals are doing in an effort to imitate their success. However, if their high follower counts are the result of purchasing fake followers, it also follows that they are not getting followers as a result of the particular hashtags they use or the time of day they post.

Finally, it’s important to verify that the followers on an Instagram account are real before purchasing it, regardless of whether you’re purchasing just the account or one that includes a website or company.

You may locate influencers to follow and evaluate quickly with inBeat’s QuickSearch Influencer Search Engine. You have the option of filtering by language, location, follower count, and gender.

After there, you may either add influencers one at a time or in bulk to your research list. After that, you may perform an analysis on each influencer to find information like:

  • Contact details
  • Average engagement
  • Average likes
  • Average comments
  • Influencer progression
  • Sponsored post statistics

To uncover numerous identical Instagram influencer accounts and their contact information, use the DeepSearch tool.

Enter your search criteria at the beginning, such as the number of followers, location, gender, etc. The tool will then present you with thousands of other profiles that are similar.

8. Analisa


Compared to Gramhir, the free Instagram analysis application Analisa provides more in-depth data. Input any username to view the information below:

  • Engagement rate
  • Like rate
  • Comment rate
  • Average total engagement per post
  • Average likes per post
  • Average comments per post
  • Total posts
  • The average number of posts per day, week, and month
  • Words most used in captions


Even while all of that information is accessible for free, Analisa also provides even more in-depth information for a fee. Analisa Pro Analytics displays information like:

  • Follower demographics (age, gender, and location)
  • Follower authenticity
  • Total video views
  • Tags and mentions
  • Types of posts
  • Posting activity
  • Locations tagged
  • Average engagement rates

You can run hashtag reports in addition to profile reports. Creating an account is required to export either type of report as a PDF for free; an account is not required to run the report itself.

9. Not Just Analytics

Not Just Analytics

You can use a free analysis tool from Not Just Analytics to discover the genuine influence of your followers. In contrast to Gramhir, it gives you a lot more information and lets you export your report as a PDF.

You may examine average video views in addition to follower count and average likes and comments.

Additionally, it provides you with a brief overview for the past week and month, including the number of new followers you’ve added, the average daily increase in followers, and changes to your posts and following total since the previous week/month.

To find out how influential your followers actually are, you can use a free analysis tool from Not Just Analytics. It provides you with a lot more information than Gramhir and enables you to export your report as a PDF.

Along with follower count, average likes, and average comments, you can check average video views.

It also gives you a quick snapshot of the previous week and month, including how many new followers you’ve gained, the daily average increase in followers, any changes to your posts and an overall number of followers from the prior week or month.

10. Instagram Insights

instagram analytics

Our last option is Instagram’s own analytics. Instead of visiting an external website like Gramhir, you may obtain those analytics directly from the app.

However, since it’s only accessible for your own profile, you can’t use it to investigate rivals. Additionally, personal Instagram accounts do not qualify for access to analytics; you must have a corporate account.

Fortunately, you can use the app to quickly convert your personal Instagram account to a free business account. Easily switch to a professional account by going to your preferences, clicking on “Account,” scrolling all the way to the bottom, and clicking that option.

You may see information about your followers’ origins, age brackets, and more using Instagram Insights.

Additionally, it will display engagement rates, the number of accounts you’ve connected with, your follower count, the proportion of followers to non-followers who engage with you, and other information.

You may find out which forms of content (posts or reels) are receiving the most engagement by using the Content Reach feature. Additionally, you’ll receive a breakdown of your most popular IGTV videos, reels, and tales.


Due to its many characteristics, Gramho is superior to its alternatives and rivals. Utilize Gramho, take pleasure in editing and perusing the insights, and be sure to offer your thoughts in the comments section.

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