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Are you looking for the best Lead Generation Software to get more leads? You have come to the right platform as we are here with the article that will help you in knowing about some of the best Lead Generation Software. 

Lead generation is one of the primary tasks for any company to run for a longer time. Not only leads but the company must have potential leads. It is very crucial to use the best lead generation software if you want to get progress in increasing your sales whether to a customer or a business. If you are not using the perfect lead generation software it will not be beneficial for you at all. Now, You must be wondering about what is lead generation software and what is the use of this software. We are here to clear your doubts related to lead generation software. 

In previous times people used to advertise their business using radio, television and paper advertisements for generating leads. But in today’s time where the Internet is playing a vital role in everyone’s life, people are looking for everything online. Most of the users prefer searching on the web for any product or service and that is why lead generation software has created its place in the web environment.

What is Lead Generation Software?

What is lead generation software
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Lead Generation Software automates the process of generating leads online and gathering customers’ information. The software is useful for both B2B and B2C companies. A good lead generation tool helps you attract more users to your website. Any business needs to generate a high-quality lead. Lead Generation software helps in increasing your sales and reach to a large number of audiences. You can also use animation software for windows to generate leads with the help of attracting animations.

Lead generation software collects the contact information of the visitors who have shown their interest in your service or product through email, social media platforms and landing pages. Using the best lead generation software you will be able to increase your sales, expand your customer base and boost your revenue.

20+ Best Lead Generation Software

In this article, we are going to discuss 20+ best lead generation software that can help you in boosting your sales and revenue. Let’s get started


lead pages

When we talk about the best lead generation software, we can’t miss Leadpages. It is one of the best lead generation software that generates leads through different channels like landing pages, pop up boxes and alert bars. It offers some of the best mobile-friendly templates that are easily customizable. It also includes an integrated Facebook ads builder which automatically drags content from your Facebook Business page and lets you create and run ads. It considers being the number one landing page builder. The pricing plan costs you $27 per month. 



Looking for a lead generation tool that lets you conduct surveys and collect feedback from the customers then HotJar can be the best choice for you. It is a visitor behaviour analysis tool that allows you to generate new leads through surveys, feedback and on-site polls. Using this tool you can better understand the customer’s behaviour and it also optimizes your website. It offers both analysis and feedback tools that help you in improving your website’s user experience and performance. The monthly plan starts at $99.



Intercom is the most popular lead generation software that lets you interact with the visitor of your website by using its live chat feature. This is the best software that helps in making a stronger connection with the targeted audiences and establishing an incredible customer relationship. It consists of help centres, bots, apps, tours, products, etc. The software is beneficial for start-ups, mid-sized businesses and enterprises. It doesn’t offer any free plan but if you want you can get a demo. 

Jotform Survey Maker

Jotform Survey Maker

Jotform Survey Maker is an online survey-creating software that requires no code. You can easily create your surveys using their easy drag-and-drop interface, custom conditional logic, and tons of templates. Used by 15 million users, Jotform is a great tool to generate leads by embedding your surveys on your website. Use your collected data to analyze your leads to turn them into customers. Use their form analytics features to gain insight into your users.

Jotform offers a free plan that includes all of its features. Paid plans start from $24/month.

Survey Monkey

survey monkey

Survey Monkey is a lead generation software that is quite useful for businesses that want to collect feedback from their customers for better understanding. The software conducts surveys online and the website visitors need to give their feedback. It has numerous features, some of them are custom logos, easy to create surveys, detailed reporting tools, advanced data exporting, etc. 


leed feeder

LeadFeeder is the most prominent Lead generation software. It is software that helps you in knowing what companies are visiting your website even if they did not ever contact you. The LeadFeeder discovery enables you in finding the contact information about the employees of your company. The software helps in knowing what companies are visiting your website and what they are interested in. It offers a 14days free trial and paid plan costs you $63/month. 



AeroLeads is one of the best and helpful email finder tools used by most of the top marketing professionals. AeroLeads automates the process of collecting emails  and boosts your lead generation efforts by creating a list of unique emails in less time.

AeroLeads software helps you to find business emails and contact numbers from LinkedIn and Xing in a single click. Just add AeroLeads search bar or install its free chrome plugin and enter the name of your prospect or company and click search. You’ll get all the required information starting from name, profession, email  addresses, company, and over to 15 data points.



WotNot is a no-code chatbot building tool which is also automated lead generation software. It automates your customer interactions at scale with chatbots. Solve business challenges like getting more leads, booking more appointments, scaling your customer support with cutting-edge chatbots. With WotNot’s Bot Builder, you can build bots fairly easily with an intuitive visual builder. Manage multiple bots for different activities based on the triggers and conditions defined by you. Also, WotNot offers a done-for-you service wherein our team of experienced conversation design experts understand your needs and carefully create a conversation flow that matches the needs of your business and keep optimizing the flow by reviewing the results.



Quora is one of the most popular platforms where you can ask questions or can also give answers to others’ queries. It is one of the biggest platforms where you will get solutions for your every query. It offers high-quality content and more accurate answers. The platform of quora can work as lead generation software as it allows you to give answers to the questions asked by the targeted audiences. It helps in increasing the awareness of your product, service and company. It is free to lead generation software. 


try interact

TryInteract is a lead generation tool that helps in generating leads and sales by creating quizzes. It creates different types of quizzes to know more about the customers. It is simple software that contains powerful features. The software helps you in driving traffic to your website. It is helpful for businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs. Using TryInteract it is easy now to develop quizzes to generate more leads. 

WP Forms

wp forms

WP Forms is one of the popular lead generation tools that make you collect customer feedback through survey forms. The software is integrated with mail service to create your contact list and start mail campaigns. It is a WordPress plugin through which you can easily create and add forms to your website. The software is suitable for Bloggers, designers, photographs And business owners. Its monthly plan costs you $79.



Talking about HubSpot, it is one of the popular free lead generation software that helps in generating more leads and converting them into sales. It consists of some of the advanced tools useful for both personal business and big companies. It uses the best tactics that make your business more visible online and convert website traffic into customers. 

The speciality of HubSpot is that it is capable of turning your visitors into buyers. You can also get to know how the visitor arrived on your website and what they have viewed even if they didn’t fill out the form.



Picreel is another popular lead generation tool that is most suitable for eCommerce businesses. It uses smart technology that displays pop-ups when the user is going to exit your website. You can attract visitors by offering them discount codes and free shipping to drive sales. It is quite easy to use and you can easily design pop-ups without having any coding knowledge. It contains several pre-designed templates that you can use to create pop-ups. Some of its features are A/B testing and analytics. 



LiveChat is a chat tool that is also lead generation software. It offers both customer support and marketing tools for your business. It displays the list of visitors on your website and allows you to see it in real-time on the dashboard. You can also use filters to detect potential prospects. It is integrated with CRM tools, slack and MailChimp to nurture the leads. With live chat, you can put the live chat visit to the website so that you can manage visitors from one place.

Live chat allows you to use a chatbot add on to personalise the visitors’ experience and generate leads. Its pricing plan costs you $16 per month.



Qualaroo is one of the popular lead generation software that helps you in gathering your customers’ feedback. It means whoever will visit your website can collect their feedback by asking several questions. You can display surveys or pop up Lead generation forms on your website. The answer by the visitors helps you in Optimising your website. Its pricing plan costs you $80 per month if you billed it annually.



MailChimp is the most popular email marketing platform that allows businesses to manage their email lists to create email marketing campaigns. The software has a simple user interface and easy to use drag and drop email builder tools. It offers you a free plan that lets you store up to 2000 email contacts and you can send 12000 emails per month. You can create emails, reports and custom forms using its features. 

MailChimp offers several tools for creating Facebook ad campaigns, email campaigns and automating emails. 



You must know about SEMrush as one of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools but it is also a great lead generation software. It is known for its capability of researching keywords. The site audit functionality helps you in enhancing the website’s ability to generate more leads. SEMrush is one of the best software that helps users in increasing their online visibility. It is a great online visibility management software. 



Zonka Feedback is a free survey maker tool that allows you to collect customer feedback in real time using CSAT Surveys. It also tracks your customer satisfaction with powerful reports, identifies dissatisfied customers, takes action, and keeps them from churning. Companies can use the software to create, customise, and send surveys to their customers more easily. The software can be customised and branded to match your company’s logo. It also provides a variety of analytics, reports, and other features to assist you in better understanding your customers’ opinions and needs



SeedProd is one of the popular landing page builder software. It has a user-friendly interface and is also suitable for beginners. With its drag and drop builder, you can create wonderful landing pages without having any coding knowledge. It lets you create many pages for your website. The pages can be related to webinars, sales, maintenance, etc. It offers more than 150 landing page templates that allow you to create mobile-ready pages. The software is integrated with many email service providers to protect your landing pages from spambots and other fraudulent activities.

Seed prod offers its basic package for 39.50, plus a package for $89.55, a pro package for  $159.60 if you buy it yearly.



Unbounce can be the best option for you to choose as a lead generation software as it can help you in generating leads through creating productive landing pages, pop ups, sticky bars, etc. It is equipped with many incredible conversion tools like dynamic text replacement, A/B Testing, real-time data and lead generation form builder. If you are looking for software that helps you in creating high lead converting and generating landing pages then Unbounce would be a perfect choice. With its drag and drop interface and 85+ mobile-responsive templates, you can create an effective landing page. 

Unbounce offers you a 30-day free trial and its paid plan starts at $80/month. 



Talking about LeadFuse it is another popular sales automation and lead generation software. The software is like a search engine where you will get the contact information of almost all professionals and businesses. It consists of several features like campaign management, lead generation, prospecting tools, distribution, etc. The main motive of the software is to help its users in targeting, creating, retargeting audiences, etc. 


prospect io

Prospect.io is a well-known lead data collection tool that helps you a better understanding of your customer. It will help in developing better relationships and result in sales increment. The software tries it best to automate sales. It is integrated with HubSpot, SalesForce, Close.io and PipeDrive. The software offers two paid plans, one is an essential plan that costs $78/month and the business plan costs you $129/month. 



Sendinblue is another popular lead generation tool that offers several amazing features that help in optimising your website, allow you to get more engaged with your customers, and streamline the selling process. It is an email marketing and SMS marketing tool that helps you to target the audience to collect leads. You can perform several things with sending in blue like it offers website live chat, creating lead forms, deploying Facebook ads from creating landing pages, marketing automation and email and SMS marketing.

You can use send in blue free with the basic plan and it’s the plan that costs you $25 per month.



Hunter is a widely popular and quick email search tool. You just need to type the domain name and it will search for the email address. It is integrated with Gmail so that you can send a cold email campaign. It has a feature of email verifying the text validity of a professional Email address in bulk. Hunter helps you in identifying and verifying professional email addresses. You can use it for free up to 25 searches and 50 verification. Its paid plan costs you $49 per month. 



Novocall is the best web callback solution and also a lead generator software which is capable of converting your web visitors into leads. It allows you to immediately call back two businesses or customers who have shown interest in your product or services. This results in increasing your sales. Some of its best features are lead capture, contact discovery, visitor identification, etc.

Leads Bridge 

leads bridge

LeadsBridge is one of the best lead generation software and also all in one lead management software that offers a plethora of features enabling you to connect all your lead generation sources. It supports more than 240 platforms. Like its name it has all the interruptions and Allows you to sync CRM/email software clients. It collects leads from different sources including landing pages, webinars, inboxes and events. Leads bridge offers several features like contact import slash export, lead nurturing, lead segmentation, etc. It offers you a free trial and its paid plan costs you $29 per month. 



Acquire is one of the best platforms that allow you to communicate with your customers. You can give answers to the questions asked by your customers. It helps in creating a good bond with the visitors. It makes you convert the lead faster with the lead bot. The software lets you communicate with the customers through video chat, live chat, chatbots and co-browsing. Its paid plan costs $90 per month. 



Last, in the list, OptinMonster Has created its position as the best lead generation software. It is suitable for bloggers, marketing agencies, small businesses and e-commerce websites. Using this software users can create effective opt-in forms that help you in maximising your growth. It consists of several pre-built templates and has a drag and drop builder. Some of the features that OptinMonster offers are lead capture, prospecting tools and lead segmentation.

Which app is best for lead generation software?

Lead generation software not only collects information but also scores leads and nurtures them to convert to customers. Some of the best lead generation software are:

  • Picreel
  • HotJar
  • LeadPages
  • Sumo
  • Unbounce
  • LeadFormly
  • MailChimp
  • Intercom
  • Sendinblue
  • LiveChat 
What is the best software for lead sales?

The best software for lead sales are:

  • Zoho
  • QuickBase
  • SalesForce 
  • Apptivo
  • HubSpot
Does Zoho have a Lead Generation?

Yes, Zoho has lead Generation. If your company grows on Zoho CRM where you have gathered information from different sources. You can get connected with each of them using powerful integration. You can sync your CRM system with Zoho marketing automation and you can reach out to your leads whenever you want. 

What is lead Software?

Lead software is one of the methods of collecting and acquiring new clients. It is used by every type of business to increase their sales and revenue by attracting their targeted audiences online

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