List of 10 Best Sales Software for Business Owners

In the contemporary world, if a business is a body, then sales are the soul and customers are the lifeblood. To elaborate, this implies if we want to sustain our business, we have to take care of our customers and especially our sales.

Today, thanks to technology, handling sales are becoming less painstaking and more efficient. This is the reason almost every business is adopting new and latest sales software to make their life a little easier. In fact, as per statistics, 92% of the companies believe that sales software is essential for business growth.

Now the question arises out of so many options available in the market, how to choose the right one? To assist you with the same, we have prepared a well-researched listicle of the top 10 best sales software that will assist you in choosing the most effective software for your business. After all, a perfect combination of efficient sales tools and digital marketing tools can lead your business to new heights. So, let us get started.

Top 10 sales software for businesses in 2024


With its availability in more than 160 countries, Zendesk is an all-in-one platform for the sales operations of your business. Zendesk is a flexible software that will allow your sales team to make informed decisions based on their driven data.

Zendesk has 3 selling plans

  • Sell Team – USD 19 Per Month
  • Sell Growth – USD 49 Per Month
  • Sell Professional – USD 99 Per Month

Some of the key features of Zendesk include

Integrated Ticketing Desk – Zendesk ticketing system will allow you to contribute to a great customer experience. To elaborate, this system will generate a ticket every time a customer will enter the queue irrespective of the fact from which platform they landed on your customer service.

Omnichannel Analytics – In sales, insights make you powerful but for strong insights, you need lots of data. That being the case, Zendesk software extracts data-driven insights from all the synchronized platforms such as email, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on. It can assist in detecting customer behavior and can assist you in enhancing the overall customer experience.

Sales Hub

SalesHub is another great expansion of HubSpot that can assist you in escalating the sales and revenue of any business from small to large enterprises. Sales Hub assists in freeing up your sales team so they can focus on your precious customers and be more productive.

The pricing section of Sales Hub is divided into 3 parts

  • Starter – $45 per month for 2 paid users
  • Professional – $450 per month for 5 paid users
  • Enterprise -$1,200 per month for 10 paid users

Some of the salient features of Sales Hub include

Call Trackingcall tracking feature of Sales Hub comes with conversion intelligence which allows you to track every call with your user. Along with this, it also highlights the key points of every tracked call that will assist your sales team to focus on the details of conversations occurring with your customers.

Personalized Automation – Personalisation is one of the buzzing words around the business world. Hence, this feature of Hubsales not only assists in automating your sales process but also gives a personal touch to it. For example, sending personalized emails to the targeted customers and audiences. Having said that, effective automation can give you the power to achieve your sales SMART Goals in a more worthwhile manner.


Widely adopted in over 175 countries, PipeDrive is another fascinating sales software that can assist you in enhancing customer satisfaction. Along with this, it can also drive data that can assist in predicting future cycles.

Pipedrive has 4 pricing models.

  • Essential – US$9.90 Per user per month
  • Advanced- US$19.90 Per user per month
  • Professional- US$39.90 Per user per month
  • Enterprise- US$59.90 Per user per month

Some of the key features of the software are mentioned below

Email Integration – This feature of Pipedrive allows your salespeople to keep their email conversations along with contact and deals in one place. This will assist in saving time and additional efforts of your team on repetitive tasks which will assist in enhancing their productivity as well. Moreover, in order to manage your time more efficiently, you can also use multiple time clock software.

LeadBooster – LeadBooster is one of the most powerful features of the software that allows you to keep a track of generated leads. LeadBooster add-ons include 24*7 live chatbots and web forms that allow you to enhance the probabilities of generating leads seamlessly.

FreeAgent CRM

With the idea that one size fits none, FreeAgent is a fully customizable CRM software that can assist you in skyrocketing your sales effectively. As per their official website, companies that adopted FreeAgent experienced 37% of revenue growth within the 6 months of adoption.

FreeAgent has 3 pricing models

  • Contact Management – $42 per user every month
  • B2B Sales – $90 per user every month
  • B2B Full-Funnel Sales – $120 per user every month

Some of the key features of FreeAgent include

Enhanced transparency – With remote culture becoming the new normal of the business world, FreeAgent provides complete visibility into the daily operations of remote workers. Along with this, it also eliminates the need for manual entry filling of information which allows employees to save extra time spent on repetitive tasks. This can assist in optimizing sales and making your team more productive even in a remote environment.

Full-Funnel Visibility – This feature of FreeAgent will allow your sales team to keep an eye on the journey of your audience that lands up on your business platforms. Along with this, it also gives real-time reports on lead follow-ups and emails open click rates.

Refrens Free Invoice Generator


Refrens is the best invoice generator as you can create unlimited invoices for unlimited clients without paying a single amount. 

With just one click, you may generate a delivery challan, payment receipt, debit note, and credit note.

The invoice’s fields and columns can also be changed at any time, and you have full freedom to transmit the document by email or WhatsApp or save it as a PDF and send it immediately.

Even if you use an online invoice generator, making invoices might be really difficult if you’re one of the business owners who prepares bills at the end of the month. It takes time to create an invoice, send it to your client, and repeat the procedure, especially if you have a lot of invoices that need to be paid by the end of the month.

But after the sheet is published, the system will generate invoices using the bulk invoices you input using Refrens’ invoice generator. You can create GST invoices, Non-GST invoices, and GST e-invoices using the bulk invoices tool.

You can focus on expanding your business while saving a tonne of time and work by using a free online invoice creator like Refrens.

Key Features: 

  • Free Unlimited Invoice
  • Permission control
  • Quick Easy Invoice
  • Customization of Columns
  • Email & Track Invoices
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Custom Formula 
  • Invoice Templates
  • Insightful Reports
  • Client Management
  • Ready Data


  • Free invoice generator 
  • International Payment gateway
  • User friendly


  • You cant use it offline 
  • Doesn’t have a mobile application


  • Free
  • Premium: $ 7 per month
  • Premium Plus: $ 20 per month



DashClicks’ Deals app is the best sales CRM software for small businesses. The software enables you to create and assign new deals to sales reps, customize records, and move your sales cycle forward across different teams and pipelines. The best part about the software is that you are able to track every stage of the deal cycle. You can even track all deal automation history logs. 

DashClicks has four pricing plans:

  • Free – $0 per month
  • Pro – $97 per month 
  • Plus – $297 per month
  • Premium – $597 per month 

Some of the crucial features of the DashClicks’ Deals app include:

  • Sales Pipeline Management – A great thing about the app is that it allows you to manage different pipelines within your organization across multiple views like table, list, and board view. 
  • Workflow Automation -The software allows you to automate your workflow with deal automations — you can send custom emails, SMS messages, change deal owners, tag and trigger InstaReport and InstaSite builds, and set reminders.


Freshworks is another leading sales software that allows you to have context-driven leads that will inform you about why your potential customers connected with you. For example, this software will indicate whether the client was with you for the demo or just for clearing queries.

The pricing of this software is subcategorized into 4 parts

  • Free – $ 0 per user every month
  • Basic – $ 15 per user every month
  • Growth – $ 29 per user every month
  • Pro – $ 69 per user every month

Some highlighted features of the software include

CPQ – CPQ is an acronym for Configure, Price, Quote. This will assist your business to stay up to date with all the information including products, configuration, and quotes of your software. Moreover, it will assist you in generating error-free invoices, contracts, and self-improvement.

Built-in Cloud Telephony – This feature of the software will allow your sales team to directly call your target audience through your laptops or electronic devices. Along with this, this software can also generate more than 90+ phone numbers for your sales team to call customers.


Salesforce is a cloud-based software that gives you the ability to access your software anytime and from anywhere around the globe. It can assist you in accessing your sales analysis without hassling here and there that can assist in smoothening the workflow and sales operations.

The pricing of this software is divided into 4 categories

  • Essentials – $25 Per user per month
  • Professional – $75 Per user per month
  • Enterprise – $150 Per user per month
  • Unlimited – $300 Per user per month

Some of the highlighting features of the software are mentioned below

Forecasting Management – The forecasting management feature allows you to see a broader picture of the entire pipeline. It can assist you in driving real-time predicted revenue that can assist you in enhancing the efficiency of your business decisions.

Lead Management – This feature allows you to track your leads and allows you to track all the leads that get generated from all the platforms. This can assist you in keeping a track of generated leads so that no leads ever remain in the pipeline.


Wouldn’t it be better if your customer calls you to know about the operations of your software and you can just share your screen and explain them effectively? This is where CrankWheel will enter the picture and will help you in solving the queries of your customers as quickly as possible. Not only this software can be used with customers, but it can be used to create networks within the organizations also.

The pricing plan of Crank Wheel is divided into 5 plans.

  • Free for Life – $ 0 per user every month
  • Starter Team – $89 per month
  • Team – $229 per month
  • Department – $499 per month
  • Enterprise – $20K per month

Some of the crucial features of CrankWheel include

Custom branding – The option of custom branding allows you to create your own URLs, and your own watermark while sharing a screen that gives a more authoritative impression to the customers.

Grant remote control – Using this feature, you can give customers temporary access to share their screens so that they can confirm how well they have understood or used your solution.


In the contemporary competitive market, with effective features like contact management, and gamification, EngageBay will assist in managing your sales like a pro. By bringing all your contacts and database to one place, EngageBay will assist in enhancing the efficiency of your business by boosting your sales and revenue.

EnagageBay has 4 pricing plans including

  • Free – $ 0 per user every month
  • Basic – $ 14.99 per user every month
  • Growth – $ 49.99 per user every month
  • Pro – $ 99.99 per user every month

Some of the key features of EnageBay include

Scheduling Appointments – Scheduling your appointments with customers will assist you in dealing with your clients on a priority basis. This feature will make sure you do not have to go back and forth between emails to take a note of client dealings.

Drag and Drop – With the drag and drop designing feature of EngageBay, you can create customizable, creative, and responsive landing pages. This can assist you in reaching out in a better and more effective manner.


Insightly is one of the best CRM software available in the market. It has various features that allow you to increase the satisfaction of your customers. By enhancing the efficiency of your sales team, Insightly will assist you in standing out from the crowd and selling smartly.

The pricing of Insightly is divided into 3 parts

  • Plus – $29 per user every month
  • Professional – $49 per user every month
  • Enterprise – $99 per user every month

Some out-of-the-box features of Insightly include

Build custom apps – This feature of Insightly allows you to build custom apps for customers or visitors on your website and apps for enhancing their experience with your brand. Some examples of custom build apps include calculators or ready-to-use dashboards and templates.

Relationship linking – This record linking functionality of Insightly allows you to link your customer emails to your recent employee database to get a clear overview of which customers are dealing with which sales team.


Salesmate is one simple solution that can assist you in enhancing the growth and revenue of your business by taking care of your sales department and enhancing its efficiency.

The pricing of this software is divided into 4 parts

  • Starter -$15 per user every month
  • Growth – $30 per user every month
  • Boost – $50 per user every month
  • Enterprise – Totally customizable with amazing features.

Few features of Salesmates are mentioned below

Powerful integrations – Salesmate offers strong integrations with your other operational applications. This way you won’t have to jiggle around on different apps and you can have access to all the information in one single software.

Smart Queue – Smart Queue allows you to preplan your day in advance and keep your favorite and significant tasks in the upper part of the queue to give more focus to them.


To encapsulate, every business has different sales requirements and different ways of managing its sales. Hence, it is essential to understand every feature before choosing the right sales software for your business. Moreover, the above-given software will assist you in choosing the right software for your business. So what are you waiting for? Select the best suitable software for your business and get on the new levels of success today.


Last but not the least, we have got some Frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide you with a little more information about sales software

Why do you need a sales software?

Sales software is the one-stop solution to seamlessly integrate and operate your customer service. It will assist in automating repetitive and mundane tasks that will free your sales team and will give them more time to focus on your business and customers.

What is the most crucial factor while choosing sales software?

At the present time, one of the most crucial features that should be available in every sales software is that it should be cloud-based. Cloud-based will allow you to access and operate your software anytime and anywhere. This way, you can make more informed decisions about your customer service even if you are not on site.

What are the 5 must-have features of every sales software?

The top 5 must-have features of every sales software are mentioned below

  1. Automation
  2. Ability to generate and schedule emails
  3. Personalization
  4. Cloud-based technology
  5. Omnichannel integration

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