SMS Marketing Software

SMS which stands for short message service is used by almost everyone to send personal and business messages.

SMS services are a quick and effective way to advertise products and send coupons and reminders to customers. Various keywords are used to indicate each customer just like an expert essay writer uses such terms to connect with the target audience and generate traffic.

Best SMS Marketing Software to Track Leads and Overall Outreach

Sending messages in bulk is a time-consuming task and one needs to have an efficient system to execute it properly. This activity is performed by SMS marketing software that helps in accomplishing the goals in the best way possible. Here is a list of 21 such amazing services that will help you out:



It is one of the most widely used marketing automation tool, offering SMS and email services for Magento and Shopify companies.


  • This platform automates the Abandoned Cart, Welcome Messages, Order Confirmation, and Cross-Sell/Upsell SMS workflows.
  • Because the SMS method is simple on a wide scale, you may simply reach a large audience.
  • Online retailers can create their groups and get essential AVADA SMS and Email updates.
  • Their advanced reporting can help you keep your campaigns in check.
  • The free plan is ideal for small enterprises, with a monthly capacity of up to 15k emails and 1000 contacts.
  • It is simple to generate leads because it offers a variety of sign-up forms.



It is an easy-to-use marketing software that facilitates enhancing sales through email and SMS marketing software and automation. You can benefit from its diversified features like web push notifications, pop-ups, and forms, customer intelligence, etc.


  • Facilitates users to build customized messages due to automated workflow
  • Maintains customer data efficiently by providing retention analysis, reports, segmentation, etc.
  • Email campaigns can be built through drag-and-drop content editors, discount codes, etc.
  • Generates pop-ups and forms automatically for capturing customers
  • Various channels can be integrated on a single platform like email, SMS, web push notifications, etc.
  • Helps to report performance by using sales dashboards, campaign reports, and advanced reporting.


It is a sophisticated SMS Marketing Software that provides plenty of handy interactive features. It has brought great solutions in the industry and facilitated greatly.


  • You just need to compose your message and this platform will do the rest of the job for you.
  • It facilitates a mobile keyword function in which you can select particular words to indicate a person joining the SMS interactive campaign.
  • Text forwarding feature to enable faster interaction with customers
  • Surveys and voting done via SMS
  • Uses reporting algorithms and internal reporting platforms to provide users with the required information
  • Offers a variety of packages and deals for all kinds of customers

Slick Text


Slick Text sends text messages in bulk for various purposes; voting, email captures, SMS scheduling, etc.


  • Messages can be scheduled to be sent later or at the right time
  • SMS autoresponders to reply to messages with ease
  • Captures emails of subscribers and exports them to market providers
  • Facilitates customers with a 14-day free trial
  • Easy-to-use software with great flexibility
  • Plans can be canceled anytime, no strings attached
  • Known for its amazing customer service
  • Effective Facebook, Email, and Zapier Integration

Call Hub

call hub

It is an SMS and voice marketing software that lets you communicate with the audience. You can collect emails and names from your customers


  • Simple-to-use SMS marketing
  • Quick and effective service with minimal delays
  • Non-fussy interface
  • 24/7 availability of services
  • Collects all kinds of data through a series of automated interactions
  • Unsubscription from texts allowed with an opt-out list
  • Facilitates scheduling so no worries for managing service on time



It facilitates bulk text messaging and is among the top software for receiving and tracking messages from customers.


  • Plain as well as multimedia texts can be sent on a mass scale all at once
  • Helps you send canned messages for frequently asked questions
  • Aids in seeing real-time statistics of your broadcast
  • It has a built-in call forwarding option and never leaves customers unattended
  • You can use a toll-free number or landline number for this service

Ivison Mobile


It facilitates two-way messaging with customizable and unique plans.


  • Helps in setting up trigger messages based on custom criteria
  • Comes with recurring alerts for managing message service needed any time
  • Allows sending personalized messages linking to digital coupons
  • Provides custom data files and you can create up to 10 additional custom data fields



NotifyVisitors SMS marketing software allows you to connect with your audience quickly. They offer valuable features that make it one of the best SMS marketing options for Shopify Stores. Moreover, you don’t need any coding knowledge to get started with their tool.


  • Personalized and omnichannel experience
  • Simple set-up, unlimited use cases
  • A/B Testing
  • Campaign Booster
  • Advanced Reporting for Campaigns
  • Pre-Built SMS Automation Workflows
  • SMS List Building Tools


Podium Logo

It is an easy-to-use tool for messaging local businesses for carrying out all the tasks. It involves reviews, payments, marketing campaigns, web chat, customer surveys, etc.


  • Gathers all conversations from different channels to a single place
  • Runs text messages marketing campaigns and builds an in-opt list for interested customers
  • Helps in conducting customer surveys for analyzing performance
  • Webchat and video chat option for customers as per their choice
  • Provides a free demo for understanding services
  • Excellent customer support department

EZ Texting

EZ texting

It makes the connection with customers easy and helps in growing the revenue of business by using link shorteners etc.


  • Provides a mobile app for enhanced efficiency
  • Generates timely alerts and reminders
  • Boosts sales by providing coupons, vouchers, etc. to customers
  • Generates leads through brand amplification, marketing lists, etc.
  • It aids in increasing business revenue through keywords, short codes, etc.
  • Implies latest techniques with updated software and skilled professionals

Text Magic


Text Magic brings the magic of sending messages to the masses with a very quick and simplest installation process. Email can be converted to SMS and integrated


  • Manages online text by scheduling, creating lists, etc.
  • You can send messages across the globe quickly
  • Provides analysis and reports on a delivery, status of the text, reply rates, etc.
  • You can attach an image or PDF file if required
  • Handles contacts with the help of groups and lists
  • Runs targeted campaigns for specific customers



Twilio brings a highly engaging customer experience through all kinds of channels. Every task is performed with greater efficiency.


  • Enables effective communication through various channels involving appointments, reminders, leads, email marketing, etc.
  • Facilitates with numerous applications like Twilio flex, security of the account, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Provides solutions for marketing, customer service departments, etc.
  • Facilitates with short codes, flexible trunking of SOP
  • Provides solutions for marketing, real estate, healthcare, etc.
  • Efficient performance through various channels monitored by experts

Code Broker


It is a very famous SMS marketing software service that enables delivering personalized messages all over the world.


  • Contains a suite of applications to empower marketers for delivering and measuring personalized omnichannel offers
  • Works on a well-planned and efficient strategy
  • Incorporation of the latest technology for most effective solutions
  • Provides assistance right on demand
  • Smart Join provides a seamless way for building an SMS marketing list that can capture a partial or full CRM record for more advanced options
  • Offer maximum facility with

Text Marks


It is a simple text messaging service with a variety of segmentation tools. It excels at customer support with user-friendly marketing services.


  • Enables sending thousands of messages at a time
  • Provides an automatic responder to send keyword texts
  • Generates more leads with the help of an extensive marketing network
  • Offers custom annual plans for sending unlimited messages
  • Variety of packages with simplest use and customization
  • Customer data kept confidential
  • Hands-on support for small businesses
  • Efficient management of all subscriber lists
  • Mobile-app for more ease and quick accessibility

Jook SMS


One of the top-rated SMS marketing software services with free trials and demos. It has no hidden charges and its functioning is very simple.


  • Sending bulk messages
  • Marketing campaigns to over 5000 companies
  • Effective SMS marketing software for online as well as brick-and-mortar stores
  • Plan can be canceled anytime
  • 2-factor authentication via SMS
  • Quick notifications and updates delivered to customers
  • Trustworthy service
  • Messages can be customized with templates to make them more compelling
  • Scheduled updates sent to customers

Engage Bay

Engage Bay

It facilitates the users with CRM software for assisting different teams in a single place. Many activities take place like marketing automation, marketing management, appointment scheduling, etc.


  • CRM has several features like automation of sales, management of contacts, handling deals, etc.
  • The helpdesk software carries out ticket management, automation of tickets, etc.
  • It recommends all-in-one software at affordable prices
  • It has drag-and-drop designs that are easy to use facilitating effective management of leads
  • Offers pre-recorded and personalized responses
  • Provides a free onboarding session
  • KPI tracking with greater access to insights
  • Generation of timely reports after analyzing performance

Click Send


It is very easy to use and provides accurate results due to its bulk SMS gateways, email marketing tools, etc.


  • Users can send messages on various channels and enhance engagement fastly
  • No charges for setup
  • Coverage on a global scale
  • Full-time availability
  • SMS text-to-speech feature for converting text to speech for calling recipient’s phone for answering
  • No need for a fax machine for sending faxes through this platform
  • Text messages can be sent to contact lists through a telecommunications provider
  • MMS Gateway drags media files onto the dashboard and reviews campaigns before sending them
  • To actively engage with customers, imagery can also be shared



Textedly facilitates two-way SMS and provides users with mass group texting, auto replying text, uploading subscribers list, voice services securing data and information, etc.


  • Sends messages in bulk
  • Auto replying text for customers
  • Facilitates marketing campaigns, automatic replies, personalization, etc.
  • Text scheduling, capturing emails, data security, etc.
  • Allows users for sending long messages up to the limit of 160 words



Sendinblue is an all-in-one SMS marketing software with around 80,000 customers. It provides a complete solution for email, SMS, and Facebook marketing.


  • A robust API provided that allows users to customize their integration using different programming languages
  • These high-quality features make it a top choice for various CMS platform such as Magento, WordPress, etc.
  • Facilitates delivering promotional as well as transactional messages
  • Helps you build stronger relations by keeping a track of all connections in a single place
  • Customized messages can be sent to the target audience
  • Variety of landing page designs to attract and engage with customers in a better way



Trumpia is extended from small to large businesses for boosting customer engagement and generating more revenue.


  • Contacts can be automatically added when the recipient joins in
  • Enables a two-way chat option that brings an excellent opportunity for improving your customer service
  • Facilitates in filtering the customers by categorizing them based on their interest and preferences
  • Displays more updated information regarding customer interactions through report manager
  • Comes with a wide range of packages and offers

Message Launch

message launch

You can grow your business at a large scale by using this quick SMS marketing software service. It not only facilitates more effective interaction management but also specializes in bringing insights into your customers’ preferences.


  • Sends mobile coupons generated as a result of specific keywords to indicate each customer
  • Enables an efficient data capture by performing an in-depth analysis of customers’ needs and interests
  • Facilitates with triggers like opt-ins etc. for drip campaigns
  • Offers a Click-Through Tracking feature that helps you view the performance
  • Budget-friendly for customers with many affordable packages
  • Conducts surveys and polls for gathering votes
  • Provides a centralized inbox for managing the user feedback
  • Offers pre-designed templates for signing up
  • Enhances the subscriber count at an exponential rate

Swrve SMS Platform


It has a well-established system of autoresponders providing timely and efficient responses to customers. It generates discount offers and customized options based on the insights gathered through analysis.


  • Sends well-scheduled messages to customers
  • Enables behavior-based mobile campaigns for billing process and subscriptions
  • Facilitates with seasonal promotions
  • Sends messages to the target audience in bulk without any delays
  • Known for its updated tools and effective marketing strategies
  • Keeps a track of customer interactions without burdening the system
  • Enables very effective cross-platform campaigns
  • Brings great diversity in sending the right messages to the right audience


To make the SMS service more efficient and useful, this SMS marketing software provides great benefits to your business. With on-time delivery and great management of multiple tasks, you can use them for generating more leads and achieving your business goals. It enables an in-depth analysis of various parameters that indicate the interest, needs, and preferences of customers.

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